Mentoring part II

I have a former colleague who is now an author and has been interviewed by the Alumni Career Services at Stony Brook University. Stepahie Hyman wrote the book “Surviving Your First Decade in Corporate America.” As per the invite, “Stephanie provides valuable insights and unique perspective on navigating the “ins” and “outs” of your first job and early years in a corporate environment.” The interview is very educational for all of us. She speaks about her long commute to and from work and how it was a big wake up call. I can definitely relate to that. My commute to work, before covid of course, was also about an hour and a half to two hours. I also had to figure out what to do with my time.
As for me, I started listening to audio books. I’d get them for free from my library. The library links you to Live-brary which then links you to Amazon and voila, you get your free audiobook download. Of course you’ll have to go through your local library and download the app. You may also have to wait for the book that you are looking for. But hey, when you’re budget is low and you’re ok with waiting. I highly recommend it. Besides, we’re paying taxes that go to our local libraries, why not use them to our advantage.
But I digress, the interview with Stephanie was very insightful especially for a mentee who is still in college and want to learn the ropes before jumping into a corporate job. I think my mentee will learn a lot from this interview.
Stephanie Hyman is having another interview about her book. This time its at the book store BookRevue in Huntington, Long Island. The interview is on October 22nd. If you’re interested, here is an invite to register, as registration is required for this event. I’ve mentioned this to my mentee, hopefully she can make it to the interview. If you know anyone who is finishing college, going into their first job. Or simply, going from a laid back type of job into a corporate type of job. This interview may be for you too. I sure will be there. I love to support local.

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