Mentoring part III – Doing My Research

I’ve been waiting on my mentee to set up meeting for us, but I have been reading up on how to be a good mentor and in a lot of articles that I have read, it stated for the mentor to take the initiative. So I have gone ahead and set up a meeting for us this week. During covid season we will need to meet via the internet. I am very ok with this as I am a homebody and love to stay home in my cozy and familiar bedroom/office. I’ve been reading and found the roles of a mentor.

Been listening to webinars on mentoring and they keep on saying to mentor via text messaging. I’m not sure I’m ready for that. We have just met. Should I already give my mentee my phone number? I probably should. This may develop a meaningful relationship. But first we must develop the relationship.

Listening to a webinar from And they state; there are three missions for a mentor to a mentee: I Am, I Could Be and I Will. Not gonna lie, this webinar is very boring. The information is very broad. I’d love to hear more about what questions to ask if the student is being interviewed for an internship or a job. This webinar also talks about financial aid, but the webinar is from 2016 so I’m not sure if it’s still applicable. But they keep on insisting to use text messaging for the mentees to be more comfortable with their mentors.

Some more research on how to interview for internships.
These are some best practices:
Always have a question or two for the interviewer.
Avoid one word answers.
No complaining.
Be careful of the fine line between confidence and bragging.
Always get the name of the person who interviewed you.
Be prepared to get the interviewer’s information. Take a notebook and pen with you.
Always send a thank you note to the interviewer(s).
Always treat everyone in the building with kindness. The administrator may always talk to the interviewer. Who knows, the interviewer may ask the security guard how they were treated by you. You never know. Always be professional and kind. A smile helps too.

If you were interviewing an individual for an internship, what would you ask?

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