Random thoughts for the weekend

Over the weekend I am decorating the house for Fall and putting in some Halloween touches.

I’m also listening to webinars about mentoring. I’d like to be the best Mentor to my Mentee. My Mentee is a sweet young woman who is studying at Stony Brook University. For that, I am listening to a webinar from National Mentoring Resource Center. Not gonna lie, the webinar is not exiting at all. It talks about keeping in touch with your mentor via text messaging, which I am not ready for. Once I get to know her better we may exchange phone numbers. But, for now, we’ll stick to email and linked in. Speaking of which, feel free to see my profile on linkedin. You will see that I have had jobs from all over the place, from retail management to radio to marketing and now to a BA. I’ve even worked at Nike in the outlets over in Riverhead, NY. I’ve worked at a bagel store, for many years, in Farmingville. At a deli. Yup, I used to cut meats and cheeses and make sandwiches for people. I’ve also worked as an administrative at a chiropractor’s office when I was in my teenage years. God, looking back, I was terrible at that job. I was not organized at all back then. I’ve learned to be organized and more professional as the years went by. Needless to say, it’s been a rollercoaster. But I always have fun in whatever job I do. Except for now. I’m not having fun at all. I’ve been having a bit of a hard time in my new position as a BA. It hasn’t been easy for me. There is a lot of communicating with a variety of different people with different types of personalities and a lot of different accents too. The ones that I’ve had the hardest time with are my friends from VietNam. I’m really having a hard time understanding their accent. I feel dumb, but I continuously need to ask for them to repeat themselves. Recently, I’ve bee liking the comfort of being behind the laptop and working on things my colleagues provide for me to post online. I’ve been doing this type of work for over 10 years and I’ve become very comfortable with it. I am now out of my comfort zone. Now I have to go back to my roots of my Broadcasting days and communicate to the masses.
Broadcasting was my dream job. I wanted to be in radio in the baddest of ways. I interned for a radio station. I then got hired to work for the promotion department. I even got to do board operations, which let me be in the studio and work the very large board with all of those juicy buttons to press. This type of work happens with an on air personality is at a location and they are tuning to you live from whatever car dealership or bar and they then tell you to come on down as the station will be there until whatever time giving out prizes. So, I’d be in the studio either recording their voice or actually doing it live. After they were done talking, I’d turn the computer back on and either play commercials or play the next song on the list. I wouldn’t pick out the songs, that was for dj’s back in the 70’s. Now there are music directors that pick out the songs way before the day starts. Same goes for commercials. They are picked out way in advance. There you go, I’ve just given out all of the secrets to a radio station. But there is always a show that does whatever they like. If a show does very well, they play a song here and there that is not part of the song list of the day. The Elvis Duran show usually plays a song in the early morning that is not part of the top 40 list. And they get away with it. I’m guessing that is their thing, to be a little bit of the rebel show. They also do a Seinfeld type of show where they talk about nothing and everything all in four hours. It’s a great show, check it out when you get the chance on ihearradio.

It’s Sunday and I am continuing to learn more about mentoring. I’m listening to a Ted talk about mentoring. “As a mentee you have to be the driver.” Mentors to take the lead on the relationship. Successful mentees go on to become successful mentors.

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