Working from home week #28

Don’t even know why I’m still counting the weeks I’m home.
It looks like I won’t be going into the office for a long time from now. There is still no cure or vaccine or anything for Covid. We’ll be home for a long time from now.

For the weekend, it was all about working for the man. “Working on the weekend like usual.” I have this hidden talent that I can usually find songs that has the lyrics I need. Even thought this song is called “Life is Good” I can’t relate with the rest of the song only the beginning.
But I digress, I have a lot to catch up for the man and I am using the weekend to, well, catch up. I’m glad that my mother in law is with us and is keeping my little one entertained as she does during the week as I work. Daddy is also keeping her busy. There is a lot of school work that we missed during the week that she needs to do, like writing letters in cursive. At this point…I have a question…why cursive? They should learn how to type on a keyboard. In my opinion if the kids get used to typing a certain way or incorrectly, the may get stuck that way. Like how mom used to say, “you keep making that face, it’ll keep staying that way.” lol Personally, I learned how to type in high school, 9th grade I think. I didn’t really need a use a computer back then or to type papers as they were all hand written. Yes, I’m that old. Anyway, I learned how to type the right way, by using both hands on the keyboard. It took an entire semester to teach my hands and fingers to get accustomed to the alphabet. I notice some people still type with their pointer fingers and it takes them a long time to get their typing done. I’ll probably need to teach my little one how to use the keyboard soon.

It’s Monday and my little one has off from school, so it is nice and quiet as she sleeps like an angel. As for me, I’ve already received about 20 emails filled with requests to upload things or fix things. It’s not even 10AM yet and I already have enough work for the entire day. The days just keep getting longer and longer with more and more work. I am in a zone that I don’t know how the backend systems work and no one wants to teach me. I understand they are all busy, but come on, I’m new at this, I can’t learn if I’m not taught. I don’t know half this stuff. Anyway, I just keep going and asking questions and more question and probably being very annoying. But what else can I do? Being annoying and asking questions is the only way for me to learn at this point.
Another issue I’m having is my memory. Apparently, I had a conversation with one of the business people in a meeting on Friday and I can’t recall particular parts of the conversation. The colleague stated, “remember, we had this conversation last week?!” Girl, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast, let alone what we talked about last week. That was about three days ago. I can’t recall that detail. But, I’m in a new role now, so my response was, “yes, we did have that conversation. Sorry about that. It’s been a long day already, hahaha.” I feel like an idiot. I’ve called my doctor and asked for an appointment and made an appointment as I need some help with my memory. Do you have any recommendations for memory loss? Besides, “that’s too bad, Isabel, you’re just getting old” lol.
In the evening I went to pick up my husband from work. His truck broke down and he needed a ride home. I haven’t been out driving in a long time. So it was a new adventure on this Monday evening. As I am driving on the highway, I see a rolling tire on the road. I automatically got PTSD. Ahh a tire…no, not today!! Those of you who know me, know that a flying tire tire came at me a few years back. If you know the story, feel free to skip the rest of this paragraph. If not, keep on reading.
So, a few years back I was driving home from work, 6PM or so, on the Long Island Expressway when a car from the other side of the highway lost its tire. The other driver must have been driving at least 70 miles per hour when the tire came off his car bumped from one side of the highway to the other and landed on the hood of my car. It hit my hood and rolled to my windshield, crack it a bit and then flew off. All I know is that it was a high performance tire, those really thin ones that are all rim and little rubber, and it came from a blue sports car from across the highway. I was in such shock as I saw the tire coming at me that I had no idea what to do. However, there was something very strange that happened in my head, but something told me to take my foot off the gas and just let the car run on its own. If I would have been just a little bit further down the road, the tire would have cracked right through my windshield. If that would have happened, it would have cracked my skull. I have no idea how I got so lucky. I keep thinking that it was my guardian angel that told me to take my foot off the gas. I think my guardian angel is my Godmother. I don’t know why, but that’s who came to mind when all of this happened. Somehow I was able to pull over to the shoulder and I called 911. When the cop arrived, he was afraid to see who was behind the wheel. He told me he didn’t know how I was still alive considering what had just happened. The officer also asked where the tire had gone and I pointed to my left side. I told him that it bounced off my car like a basketball. Bounced on my hood and moved on. The next question was a cute one. He asked where the other car was. So I told him “sir, if you take a drive on the other side of the highway and find the blue BMW with the high performing tires on the side of the road with a missing tire, you’ll find your driver.” The front of my car was completely damaged. It went into a body shop and they fixed everything. At one point the mechanic told me that I needed new tires as the ones that I currently had on the car were starting to show the wiring. You know they are worn out once the wiring is exposed. So my husband, the funny guy, said. “Hey, you needed new tires and one comes at you from the sky. That’s got to be a sign.” Thanks husband…you jerk! LOL Love you boo!

It’s Tuesday and by 10AM I have enough work coming through that can last me for the rest of the week. I don’t know what to do with myself besides take it stride and start taking care of the emails as they come. Do the work from the latest one to the ones that were sent last. Oh wait, there are emergency ones that need to get done before the others. And, there are IM’s that need to get answered before I do anything else. AHHHH! Help me, Rhonda. That’s the song that comes to me as I’m working away and am in need of some help.
So much juggling. All the while, I’ve made an appointment with my doctor. I need to see if there is anything that can be done for my lack of memory. You see when I had my daughter I got very sick and was even in an induced coma. While I was down and out I had a lot of drugs pumped into me, also there may have been a lack of oxygen going to the brain at some point and it may have messed up my memory for good. Those of you who were there for me and my family, I thank you for your support. I know there were a lot of friends and family who visited. If you visited. I thank you. I probably don’t remember it, but I am grateful. My husband has, at one point or another, ran down the list of people who did visit. But for the life of me I can not remember who they are. My memory was really bad after I’ve left the hospital. As time went on, it got better. But now that I need it most for doing my new responsibilities at my job, I really need it. So to the doctor I go.
As for my little one, she has as many meetings today as I do. Luckily my mother in law is on that ball with all of her meetings. I wouldn’t be able to work and be with my little one if I didn’t have the help. I am blessed to have her here with us. Thank you grandma!!
Back to #wfh. I am having a hell of a time working today. I have been asked questions that I have no idea how to answer #flyingbytheseatofmypants today. I’ve been standing up from my chair and passing trying to figure out how to respond to half of these questions that I don’t know how to answer. I’m listening to some music to pump me up and then going back to listening to motivational speakers. And then back to music. Hopefully after all of this listening and pacing, I will figure out what kind of, pardon my french, but, bull shit answer I can give to get myself out of the deep end. Some of the questions I’m getting have something to do with my new job and I have no idea how to go on about them. I don’t think taking a course will help with this either. It’s about dealing with people and having them do things. And trying to get them to do them because they want to do then and not because I’m asking them to do them. It’s a form of an art. And by God, I am not built that way. At least not yet. I will need to train myself on this…somehow. I feel like its table tennis but with words. Anybody want to practice with me? I’m all frazzled today.

all frazzled today

As I am working, after hours or course, I am listening to, at times watching, Lewis Howes interviewing Katie Morton. She talks to Lewis about mental illness and depression. Morton says, there’s a time to wallow and then there is time to take the steps move forward. She says that thigs can take take a month or two to ruminate on really hard things that are very stressful. But then you must move on, even if it includes seeing a doctor. At the end of the interview Lewis, asks what is your “definition of greatness?” Morton states; “even if you fall down, you don’t stay down for long. You get up, dusk yourself off. No judgements. Move forward.” Love that! “Challenge yourself to be better tomorrow.”

It’s Wednesday and my husband needs a ride to work, at 5AM. We both get up early and I am so hungry I could eat everything in sight. I have a few slices of fresh made bread and add some coffee to that and then we are on our way. It’s pouring outside and I can’t see a thing. My windshield wipers are going but I still can’t see anything. Plus my windows are fogging up since its warm out and the AC is broken in the car. We have the windows open and the heat pumping onto the windows to un fog them. It’s a trick I learned with dear or dad, the mechanic. You don’t have AC, turn up the heat to unfog the windows. When I get home it is still early to get to work so I do a little bit of yoga on the living room floor. I can’t believe how unflexible I’ve become. All my muscles were being pushed to the max as I was flexing as far as I could.
As for work, it’s the same story. Lots of it. Worked until 5PM on the dot and then went for dinner. After dinner, we went pokemoning. I figured, I’d get the rest of my job done after we come back. Yeah, right! After we came back I was so tired from the day that I did not have any more energy to get any of my work done. I tried, but just couldn’t do it anymore. I was on social media for a little while to see if I could get some energy back, but no, too tired. So, to bed I went.

It’s Thursday and I got up and did my same routine as always. I keep telling myself that I should go running, but I am so stressed that I keep on sleeping more and more in the mornings. I’m just getting more lazy and stressing out over my job. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. I think a lot of people are stressing out over their jobs and trying to keeping them. What I know for sure is my company can let me go for almost any reason. This stresses me out a lot. I’m sure a lot of people can do what I do. It’s not too complicated to launch products and post content on sites. It’s quite easy since there is a content management system. Don’t need to know too much html, just need to know how the systems work and you’re good to go. It’s a scary time for everyone. However, one of my friends from work got promoted to director. I am very happy for him. I sent him an email congratulating him on his promotion. Since the company is still promoting, maybe there is a chance the company is doing well, considering the circumstances of covid and most company’s not doing so great.

It’s Friday and I have talked to my doctor about my memory. She told me to keep on taking my concentration medication. We’ll change the dosage and see how that works. I hope this works as I am getting very sad and frustrated about not being able to remember conversations I’ve had with people.
Today, I had my one on one with my boss. I again am very nervous about these meetings. I don’t know why. But I get very nervous when I need to talk to her. She is really very nice and understanding, but I’ve had bad experiences in the past where the boss was nice but then when talking to her boss, she was not so nice about how I’m doing my work. Now I am always writing on my journal to “reflect on the good.” To always think that people have good intentions and not bad. As for me, I always have good intentions. I may not always express it that way, but I always want the best for others. I’d rather see someone succeed than to see them fail. If someone is having a bad day, I always want to cheer them up somehow. I know how it is to have a bad day. Most of my days are not so good and I know how it feels to feel like a piece of garbage. I don’t want others to feel that way.
This afternoon there was a conference meeting with one of the managers from the company. It was part of a series for learning and managing at the company. This manager, is such a pleasure to listen to. Very lively and seems like a great manager to her team. She is all about education and getting everyone on board for everything regarding the company’s campaigns. It was a great hour of my day. Such positive vibes. After that conference I continue my work in a good mood. Even though it is tough work, I had on a happy face. Plus it is #NationalSmileDay so, it is only natural to keep on smiling. At the end of the day however, I was working on a microsite page and the darn thing was not working. I needed to ask for a developers help last minute and I felt really bad for bothering the team on a Friday night. But it has to be done as this microsite needs to be up and running on Monday morning. It was working fine last week when I originally started working on it. It suddenly stopped working for me, of course today that I needed it completed. But the developer was very nice about everything and helped me out with my issue. Turns out it was something that I may have done incorrectly as it was not linking to the correct web address. But how am I supposed to know? I followed the instructions as they were given to me and the system screwed me over by placing it on the wrong path. But now I know where it’s supposed to be going and I’ve added it to my notes so I will no longer need the help of the developers. Apparently, getting their help is very expensive for the company and we should use them at limited times. So by 6PM the site was working fine in the backend. And then I checked the front end and it was broken. Thank goodness the developer was still online, as I sent him a quick instant message with an “ahh the site in production is broken.” He quickly got back to me and said he’d work on it. We looked at the the issues and couldn’t figure them out as everything looked fine. We will need for the site to reindex or refresh or whatever, in order for the site to come back to life. We refreshed and still nothing. We will need to take a look on Monday morning and check to see what the problem is. This problem with microsites that I’m having are never ending. Just another fine day at the office.

Until next week.
Stay safe.


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