Mentoring – the best cover letter

Researching for the best cover letter for my mentee.
Always find out who the hiring manager is. If going through the company’s HR department, find out the representative and address the letter to them. To “whom it may concern” is not so personal. Be personable.
Place your first and last name. Always place your last name. You have a name, use it to your advantage.
Place your email address. Please ensure it is a professional address. is for your junk email not professional.
If you have a linked in profile, add that too. This has further information about you and if the hiring manager is interested, they will surely look at your profile. Have a professional photo and be professional on everything you do on linkedin.
Some sites state to put your mailing address. As for me, I would skip that. Some people may see that you’re far away from the office and may not even look at your resume due to this fact. They may not know that you have an Aunt that lives nearby and you’ll live with said Aunt as you intern. I’ve put a poll out on linkedin to see what people have to say about placing your mailing address on your resume. Most people say yes to put the mailing address. Weigh in and vote on my poll.

While writing the introduction of the letter, write the position you are interested in. You most likely will be writing to different company’s. Ensure that your letter is personalized to the company you’re applying for. Stating that you’re looking to intern may not be good enough. Do some copy paste onto your letter and paste the position name on the letter.

Explain how you can be an asset to the company. Talk a little bit about yourself. Be mindful of being confident but not bragging. Showcase your education and any relevant experience. Express your excitement about working at the company and the type of excellent work that you can do to enhance the company and it’s future.

Call to action.
Always mention that you’re looking forward to speaking with the hiring manager or HR representative. If you’re willing, present on the letter that you’ll contact them in a couple of weeks to follow up. And please follow up. Mark it on your calendar, on your to do list, on your journal. Whatever you have to give you reminders. Always give a break between presenting your cover letter and resume of a few weeks as everyone is busy. Some people have two or more hats to wear at work. If contacting the manager or representative in less than two weeks after the letter is sent it may be too early and they may not have even seen your packet. Remember, sometimes too much is too much. Give it time. Don’t be anxietal like me and call them the next day. This will not get you anywhere. Trust me.

Sign off.
Thank the hiring manager or HR rep. for their consideration.
Use a professional sign off. For example, Sincerely, Regards, Best regards or something close to those three.

Things to keep in mind:
Keep it to one page. Writing a novel may turn some hiring managers off. One page of how awesome you are is good.
Always thank the person you are writing to for looking at your packet. Good manners are always welcomed.
If emailing your resume, always include your cover letter. I would recommend writing a quick note on the body of the email and attach the professional cover letter and resume to the email.

For further reading take a look at indeed career guide or for cover letter examples.

Good luck on your letter and much success.

Until next time.
Stay safe.

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