Working from home #29

The majority of my week was smooth sailing until the tragic news on the weekend.

It’s Monday and it’s a normal kind of Monday. Hate getting up from my comfy bed. But, need to get up to get my work done. Today, I feel like my vision is all sorts of blurry. Can’t see straight.
I get online and there is an issue on the site, where nothing is working, and it automatically gets my anxiety working overtime. I will have to work with a ton of people in order to get this fixed. And, here come the IM’s from multiple people at the same time! I feel like I’m going up on a rollercoaster ride. Take a deep breath, Isabel! The downward fall is coming. At this point, I’m thinking was it me? Did I do something to break the site? Sometimes it happens. But, phew, turns out, nope, it wasn’t me; not today! It has something to do with a dealer code…something, I have no idea, it’s all technical from here. All I know is whatever the developers did, fixed the issue and I can now relax as the site is back up and running. While waiting for my developers to look into the issues, I’m watching an interesting ted talk about getting what you want How Five Simple Words Can Get You What You Want by Janine Driver. It’s very interesting, I think. This speaker also wrote a book and I can’t wait to listen to it. I might learn a thing or two. The book is called “You Can’t Lie to Me.” I’ve download it into my app and will start listening to it soon.
This morning, I have a meeting scheduled with my boss and these also make me so anxietal. I’m always thinking that I am not doing enough and omg my boss is going to ask about something that I haven’t done, what am I going to say!? Turns out, I’m doing ok. My boss didn’t ask anything that I didn’t have an answer for. A fun thing happened while we were in that. As the meeting with the boss was going on, I was called and asked to be in yet another meeting. Well, this is a first for me. Being on two calls at the same time. While one of my coworkers was talking about her week to the boss, I was on another call fixing an issue. Once that call was done, I then got back to the phone call with the boss. Thank goodness, my co-worker was still talking about her weekly plan. I didn’t miss much. It was very bazar for me to be on two calls at the same time. My guess is; this is my life now! This second phone call was a good thing because when it was my turn to talk about what I was working on, I had a resolve to one of the problems we’ve been having. The issue is regarding a product that is to launch on Wednesday. It needs to be taken care of today so we can add content to the site for the day after tomorrow. And, holy moly it was fixed! Just like that, during a two minute phone call. That’s mainly what I talked about with the boss and my colleagues. Then there were a couple of other little things that I am following up. But that launch issue was a big one that needed resolution. Good thing I took that call.
As for the little one, she had a ton of conference calls. She loves them. She’s always so happy during these calls. She gets to see her friends and she loves to sing along to the songs with her classmates and her teacher as well as listening to the books the teachers read to them over conference calls in google classroom. I love that she likes school. I wish they’d have the teachers on for longer than half an hour per day. I thought that the remote kids would be online with the teacher more often. Unfortunately not, so grandma, thank God for grandma, helps her with her lessons.

It’s Tuesday and I am not feeling myself today. There is so much, I don’t wanna, this morning! I don’t wanna get up, don’t wanna do work, don’t wanna get dressed, don’t wanna make the bed. But I eventually get up and do all of the things. Considering my grumpy morning. Work has surprisingly gone smoothly today. At one point one of the sites was not working. But it was quickly resolved. There was also a microsite that wasn’t working properly, but we fixed it and it is now working to its potential. I wonder if the day will continue to go smoothly as I’d like it to. Turns out it did. Nothing to write home about today.

It’s Wednesday and it’s also been a smooth day. There were a little bit of hiccups here and there, but all is smooth so far at work.
As for my little one, she only had one meeting today. It was an actual longer one this time. The teacher actually taught some math during the morning conference call. Until today the meetings were only for a few minutes. Mainly a check in. There must have been parents who complained as much as we have at the way they are teaching the hybrid and remote students.
Work continued to be smooth. The item that was to launch today has been postponed. Currently I am working on product launches for next week. No one has sent me pressing messages or emails and I am as happy as a clam doing my work. It’s mentally draining doing all of this type of work but I’m content doing so.

It’s Thursday and I am tremendously tired. I again don’t want to get out of bed. I absolutely need some time off. I’ve requested some time off next week. A couple of days away from the monotony of work should help me to recharge my batteries.
This afternoon, I ventured out to the wild and went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication. My doctor told me in order to get my memory working, I should take some more milligrams of my concentration medication. I will try what she recommended and see if it works out. Let’s see how it goes. My other adventure is going to my daughter’s school and pick up her school packet for the week. Wow, there is so much stuff in there. I don’t know if my little one will do all of it. Or if grandma has enough patience to practice all of her math, reading and writing with her. Grandma does the majority of the teaching, daddy does the majority of the math. I step in when they are both ready to throw in the towel. There is a lot to do in first grade. Much more that what I remember. For first grade, I was in Portugal. I was there until my fourth year of elementary school. And, from what I remember, we did a lot learning in first grade. I remember doing a lot of writing and math. And like my little one, I really enjoyed math. More than reading and writing, that’s for sure. In first grade, I did not have many friends in the beginning as I had just moved to that location in Tojeira, Sintra near Lisbon, from my mom’s birthplace, Folhadosa, São Romão, near Cuimbra. We were far away from what I used to call home. We had a class of about 20 kids and we were from all walks of life. There were the poor kids that used to have to go work at their parent’s farm before and after school. And the well off kids that worked in their family farm on the weekends and sometimes after school too. My family and I used to work at the family farms as well. I’d go there too as a little kid and play with my friend who was the same age and also in my class. I remember, we’d also help by giving the adults seeds or the little plants for them to plant along the dirt. It was hard work for everyone. But it was a good time. At the end of the day, we’d celebrate by opening a huge watermelon and eating it all together, family style. In the end, families would always give us the leftover fruits and vegetables, whatever they couldn’t sell they’d give away to family and friends. They were always good to us. I miss them and those simpler times very much. Ahh, the good old days as they say.
Check out my first grade class. I’m still friends with a lot of the people in this picture. We mainly keep in touch through facebook. I’m glad we have social media. It keeps us close to those who are far far away.

First Grade Class

This afternoon, I spoke with my mentee and it was all about questions of what she wants to do, where she’d like to intern, what kind of job she’s looking for and many, many more questions. She provided me with her resume and I think it is spectacular. It has all of the information needed, not too much, not too little. Just the right amount. But I have a question. She placed her mailing address on the resume. I’m thinking, as a hiring manager, if I was one, this person lives way too far out to be thinking about interning at my company. With that, do you think my mentee should remove the mailing address from the resume or keep it on there? After all, if the hiring manager is really interested, they can always go to the linkedin profile and research for further information. I have a poll on linkedin about this subject. Take a look and vote if you wish. The poll will be there for about two weeks. I’m really interested on what people, especially hiring managers, have to say about this. My poll has been up for a few days and most people say, Yes, place the mailing address on the resume.

It’s Friday and I have a lot of work to do. I’ll be off for a couple of days next week, which means a lot of work to finish up for this week including the work needed for the days that I will be out. Is it really worth taking a day off? Since I have a lot to do to prep and I will have a lot to do when I come back?! The answer is: Yes, of course it is. I’ll get to sleep a little longer in the morning and maybe even go out for a walk if the weather permits.
Today I am updating my resume so I can help out my mentee. I’d like for her to see what a different resume may look like as opposed to a traditional linear resume. I’ve done some research and foud a resume layout that I really like. Then,I’ve taken my information from linkedin and placed it on my updated layout. If you were hiring, would you take a look at my resume? I’ve taken a cool looking resume from pinterest and made my own version of it on excel. My mentee would like to be in marketing, and I’m thinking that having the latest looking resume would be beneficial. I’ve learned that apparently there is a profile in Adobe that you can follow to make it look like the new one I’ve created. You may need to have to purchase it. I’ve gone the excel way and I think it looks ok. What do you think? Looking at the resume page, would you consider an interview for a marketing position? Is it creative enough? Or does it really matter if it’s creative or not?

I’ve been seeing that a lot of my friends have small businesses. Especially ones that are on my facebook feed and my instagram feed. If you have a small business, advertise it. I’m sure your fb and twitter friends will use your business and help out during this pandemic. Right now I am looking into the Roden + Fields skin care line that one of my friends is a consultant. If you’re interested, click on her link and have your questions ready as she is a fantastic consultant. She got back to me right away with my questions along with a recommendation. Has anyone used these products? If so, what did you think about them?
Another skin care line that I am looking at is arbonne. My cousin is a consultant and she is in love with these products. Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. They also have makeup and haircare products. If you’re interested, check out her page.
As for my little one, I’ve barely seen her today. I know she has a bunch of meetings today with her teachers. She has a ton of work to do and grandma is all over it. She is making sure my little angel is a smart one.
At the end of the day, I have a meeting at work and we talked about things that I have no idea about. I’m still learning how the systems work. The meeting has to do with internal users and how they can or cannot see things on our websites. I was learning a lot about how the backend systems work and how much I have to still learn. It’s now 6PM and I am still working on my launch for next week. As I work I am listening to the Elvis Duran replay channel. They keep me entertained and laughing as I am stuck here working hard. This one is not hard work, but it is time consuming. There are hundreds of pieces of content that I need to post on the site and they need to be done one by one. No bulk uploads for this gal.

In the evening we are still doing homework with my little one. Look at that, it looks like the teacher added more work to do at 9PM. Is this for today or for next week? We need to figure out a schedule with her teacher, this is silly. After homework, we get on the floor and play with her pokemon toys. She loves the game and the toys that we get for her to play with. She also loves the show. She watches it on netflix in the mornings before daddy goes to work or on the weekends before breakfast.

It’s Saturday morning and the house is quiet. The family went for a morning drive to the store and I decided to stay home this time around. Like many times. During this covid season, I’d rather stay home than to venture out into the wild. I like to touch things, especially clothing, I like to feel the fabrics. Is this silk or a fabric that will just scratch the skin?
This morning I’ve also learned that one of my aunts has passed away from covid. She is one of my father’s many sisters. She and her family lives in Portugal. Unfortunately, I don’t remember her much. I do recall our family visiting all of my father’s sisters and brothers. We’d do family vacations of visiting them. It was nice to visit them, unannounced by the way. We’d just show up. That’s how we did it back then. My father would always want to visit family any way he could. And they would always take us in and be very nice and friendly to all of us. I think that this particular Aunt’s granddaughter was the one that knew verses of the bible by heart at the age of 6 years old. We were all impressed by this. Anyway, rest in peace my beautiful Aunt Maria.
You all stay safe and 6 feet away from each other. Covid is real to me and I’d like to see everyone safe and sound.

Until next time.
Be safe.

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