Mentoring – The best resume for internships

I’ve been wondering if the best resume for interships is a linear resume or a more creative one.
My mentee has a linear one and I am in the process of creating one of mine to show her how a non linear one looks like for her internship. I have posted a poll on linkedin in order to figure out if a linear or a more creative resume will get the eyeballs of the hiring manager or HR representative to look at these. So far it’s 50/50. 50% think the non linear or creative resume is better for an internship. As for my facebook poll, three people placed in their comments and all three would go with the non linear, more creative resume.
If you were to hire an intern which one would you choose. The linear resume or the non linear resume?

linear to the left, non linear to the right recommends a linear type of resume. However, recommends otherwise as they have a college resume that can be downloaded and created in a word document. also provides a linear example for internships.
Weigh in and let us know. What would you prefer to see.

Until next time.
Stay Safe.

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