Self care for the weekend

I’ve been dreading going to see the doctor; of any kind. Since I have a couple of days off, I am going to bite the bullet and make my appointments. I’m going to see the physician for a physical as I haven’t had one of those in a long time. Then going to the eye doctor. I need a new eyeglass prescription and different type of contacts. The contacts that I have make one of my eyes tear up and makes my vision blurry. I’ve been wearing eyeglasses for a long time and my vision keeps on getting worse and worst. Maybe it’s due to being online for so many hours during the day. I hear there is a blue type of lining a that can be placed on the eye wear that is good for the blue lighting from the computer. I’ll see if I can get that on my new eyewear. I’ve also called my rheumatoid doctor as I have previously been diagnosed with a false positive for lupus. I can’t even imagine having that? It would be terrifying. I need to keep on going to see the doctor for checkups to ensure I don’t have anything going on with my body. I’ve also made an appointment with my nurse practitioner, she is the one who helps me out with my mental health and ensures everything is working the way it’s supposed to. That one is also on the calendar.

Over the weekend, I am looking for little gift bags for Halloween for my little one. Since we won’t be going trick or treating through the neighborhood. Our tradition has been to go over to our cousin’s house and we trick or treat throughout their neighborhoods. We’ve been getting together for years. This year we are unfortunately going to pass due to covid. We will be trick or treating inside the house. So, my plan is to get gift bags and place candy and little toys inside them. My little one will then go trick or treating throughout the house and find the treats. I’ve mentioned this idea to her and she loves it. She said that instead of calling it “trick” or treating, we’ll call it toys or treating. It’s cute and we’re going to stick with it. We’re looking through amazon to find toys that she likes so we can place them in the gift bags. But, knowing my husband, he will most likely find large toys to give to her. Because, well, she does deserve them. She’s been very good considering not being around her friends and not being around anyone at all. We’ve been keeping us all intact without getting sick for months. We’re planning on continuing to do this for the months to come as well.

It’s Sunday I am doing some self care. I’ve decided to color my hair at home. I’ve gotten color and developer from my old stomping grounds, Sally Beauty, and went to town. I’ve decided to get a level 5 of the brown family. I’m seeing now that it may be too light, but we will see. It’s already purchased and on my head. This is the before. Check out me and my Halloween pjs.

Before my new color

Apparently level 5 is a way too light for me. Looks like I gave myself a reverse balayage. The top of my head is light and the bottom is dark.
My sincerest apologies to my hair colorist and stylist friend. I have done it and screwed it up. When this covid madness is over, I will go ahead and get it corrected. Until then, balayge it is.

New, lighter color.

Until next time.
Stay safe

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