Working from home week #29

This week has been one of those weeks where I had some time off to recharge my batteries. I’ve gone to much needed doctors appointments and launched yet another product on one of my sites. Much work to be done and little time to do it all.

Over the weekend we’ve had some tragic news in the family. I’ve tried to figure out, out of the four sisters, which aunt has passed away over the weekend from covid. I’ve tried and tried calling my father’s cell phone, but he is not answering. He probably hasn’t charged the phone. He tends to forget to do that and then the battery is dead and I can’t talk to him. Either that, or he’s placed the phone in one of his pockets and doesn’t know which one he’s left it in. Well, since the extended family is in Portugal, there is nothing much we can do in the States. Over the weekend, I prayed for my aunt and the family and I wish everyone well. I wish I could get in touch with them, because when one person has covid, another may also have it as this awful virus spreads fast. I’m hoping everyone else from the family is ok.
On Sunday I did a bit of self care as my husband and the little one to a trip out to the store this afternoon. I’ve needed to get my hair done for a few months now, so I decided it was time. So I did it myself. It did not turn out the way I wanted it, at all. It came out much lighter than I wanted. I used a level 5 of color and I should have known it wasn’t right. The box stated, light brown. My hair is a darker brown, but I did it anyway, I put the wrong color on my head. And the result wasn’t as anticipated. Good thing I don’t have anywhere to go and show my face. At this point, I don’t look like a clown, but it’s not exactly the color that I should have chosen. Now I know, for next time I will go darker. From my many years of working at the beauty supply store, I understand that going darker is easy. Going lighter is the hard part. You have to make sure the hair doesn’t turn a shade of green or red. If it does there are ways to fix that. But a colorist is always the best way to go.

It’s Monday and I have the day off today from work. I’m using this day as one of my vacation days. I still have a few left and I need to decide which days to take off. Working from home and not going anywhere due to covid, there isn’t much to do besides being at home. Maybe I’ll read a book or write more blogs. Maybe read to my little one or having her read her books online. Meanwhile, I’m continuing to look for courses online for being a BA. I’ve also found there is a job posting for a Sr. Specialist in marketing for a different department in my company. I’ve advertised this on my linkedin profile. If anyone is interested, please, feel free to contact me via here, linkedin or anywhere. I can send your resume directly to the HR department. Having a resume go in through an employee will most likely get their packet seen by the HR department sooner than if it comes from the outside. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested, good luck!
As for today, I’ve decided to sleep in my little one is off as well for the holiday, columbus day or indigenous peoples day, whichever you choose. The school calendar states columbus, but we all know it’s right for our indigenous people to be recognized. After I woke up, I turned on netflix and watched Emily, In Paris. I’ve heard that it’s like the show Sex in the City, fashion wise. My take; it’s ok. It’s cute. And the fashion is just right. They do speak French on the show and it’s setting is in Paris. I’ve taken French all throughout high school. And I need to read the subtitles. They speak very fast. On the show, we get to see the sights and see the fashion and the way they live over in Paris. But it doesn’t get to the nitty gritty of Emily’s life. For example, she doesn’t speak French, but the taxi knows exactly where she needs to go. I would have loved to see the interaction of the struggle for her to get where she is supposed to go. Also, everyone speaks English, which is probably correct. English has become a second language in most European countries. I know this because most of my cousins in Portugal and throughout the world can speak and understand English. However, I do like that Emily made a friend with someone who is a nanny and speaks multiple languages. The nanny is fluent in French, English and Mandarin. I will most likely continue to watch it, though. At this point, Emily has broken up with her American boyfriend and now she is a single lady in the city of lights. She is also a social media maven and I would love to be able to do that. I want to see what comes next and will definitely continue to watch it. Like I mentioned, it is cute and it’s getting better as the show progresses.
After watching a few episodes, my little one is up and ready for breakfast. Grandma is ready to get her waffles with nutella and a cup of milk. I am having my second cup of coffee for the day and having some home made bread. My husband is the one that is the scientist and chef. He mixes all of the ingredients together and places them in the breadmaker so we have fresh bread every morning.
Today is the day that I get to make all of the health care phone calls that I need. Making appointments for my husband, calling for health care credit cards and calling all of the other places that were closed on the weekends.
Unfortunately, it is raining today. I can’t get outside and do yard work. This is normal for me. Whenever I take off from work it always rains. And when it rains, I have trouble breathing. With my having my lungs collapse right after daughter was born, I’m feeling overwhelmed with life. The fact that I’m having a tough time breathing always brings me back to a terrible time when I was in the hospital and couldn’t breath then. I hate still having this feeling years after it happened. But I’m guessing, it’s like breaking a bone. When it rains or the weather changes, you feel it. Like the muscle has a memory and it remembers the time it was once not whole.

It’s Tuesday and it’s doctor day. I’m going to the eye doctor and then to the rheumatoid doctor. The eye doctor takes forever. Checking out which new pair of glasses I want is what takes the longest. Everyone was wearing masks and at the office and there were partitions, but everyone was all over the place, a little scary during covid season. I got my eyes checked and need a higher script for my eyes. I’ve also gotten reflective eye protection for the laptop monitor. I hear it’s better for the eyes. As for the rheumatoid doctor. I was the only one in the office so it was easy not to be near anyone. The doctor checked my joints and I will need to go back for bloodwork. I’ve had a false positive for lupus and we need to check the blood to see if anything has changed. I’m hoping for no changes.
In the evening, we do homework with the little one. There is always a lot to do. And, now we are learning the common core math. It’s not difficult, but there sure is a lot of work to show. Kids can’t just guess or know the answer off the top of their head. They have to show the work and how they reached that conclusion.

It’s Wednesday and I have a whole lot of emails that I need to get to for work. I was gone for two days and the email list keeps on growing as the time ticks on. I started with about 200 emails. It’s 10AM and I’ve received about 15 more. I also have a product launch coming up on Friday and I need to get my behind moving on getting all of the content on the site. A little overwhelming with all of the work that I need to do. This always happens when days are taken off. But, I needed those days off. To recharge the old batteries and to see doctors. These doctors are difficult to see especially after office work hours. So back to work I go and I am concentrating on getting everything done. I have another day to get all of my launch items prepared so I finish with my day at 6PM. A little later than I wanted, but the work has to be done.

It’s Thursday and I continue to work on the product launch. I initially didn’t realize there was this much content to post. There are five full pages of content to attach plus an excel spreadsheet with brand new content. Including everything else that I need to post on the sites that I am responsible for. As well as troubleshoot problems. Looks like it’s going to be another late night for me tonight.
As for my little one, she has more meetings than me today. Her morning check in, her afternoon check-ins plus another conference call for her other teacher. This is on top of all the other work that needs to be done.
This afternoon, I need to do a presentation to the developers on a new bulk upload request for one of the sites I work on. I am seriously nervous. I’m afraid they will ask questions that I don’t have the answers to. Also, the boss is going to be on the call. I don’t want to look or sound dumb to the boss. Pray for me. I’ll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, I am listening to some melodic music, trying to see if I can calm my spirits. Youtube calls it 1AM study secession. It has some hip hop sounds and some piano mixed in. It is soothing and simply background noise. As for the meeting with the boss and the developers, this one went ok, just ok. There were a bunch of pieces of the conversation that I was completely lost in. I had to ask a few times what things meant and what they were looking for me to ask of the business. And, at one point I got all sorts of confused and needed for the boss to repeat what was needed of me to do. After a while, I think I got it.
In the evening, we were studying with my little one on how to do common core math and writing sentences. She is learning how to add with the number line and understanding the structure of a sentence. Capital letters and punctuations. We are at this as a family until about 10PM. We’ve been doing homework with her until late at night almost every night and it’s getting to be exhausting, for all of us. Especially grandma as she is with her all day long, on meetings and teaching her as well as going over everything the teacher sends to do. There has got to be an easier way to get all of this work done. As for me, I get to bed and look at my instagram feed for about 15 minutes before I am ridden with sleep. I turn the phone off and to sleep I go. It’s terrible that I use the phone to lull me to sleep, the blue lighting usually keeps a person awake, but looking at my instagram feed makes me happy. I have mainly things that are uplifting, no drama whatsoever. If anyone on the feed gives me drama, anxiety or a feeling of sadness, I remove them from my feed right away. Good vibes only. I mainly have home items on the feed. Like decorations and century old homes. Before and after’s on homes. Mainly houses and rooms as well as positive messaging. It’s good for me to go to sleep with good thoughts.

It’s Friday and my bed is nice and warm and I do not feel like moving. The window is cracked open as it must have been warm last night. My husband is the one who usually opens up the window if he feels warm. Tonight must have been one of those nights. I don’t feel cold or anything like that, as I always sleep with a blanket. I like the feel of something a little heavy, like one of those gravity blankets. The weight of a blanket, even if it is light, always helps me to fall asleep. Even during the summer, I always have something to cover me. During those really hot days, I have the bed sheet over me when I am sleeping. A little something always helps me to keep on resting.
This morning we launched a new product the imageRUNNER ADVANCED DX 717iF. This product has so much content to post it’s not even funny. But I’ve gotten it all done yesterday.
Since I did so much work yesterday, today I am feeling procrastination. I’m watching a video by Marisa Peer, on How to stop procrastination. It’s a short video and it’s very inspiring. She tells her audience to tell yourself that you “love” to do whatever it is that you are procrastinating about. Another thing I learned about procrastination, according to Peer, is part of rejection. I can relate. I’m absolutely not a fan of rejection. As I’m sure a lot of people feel the same. I’m sure you’re also not a fan of rejection. It makes me feel dumb. I don’t like feeling dumb, it really bums me out.
This afternoon I am listening to a webinar called “Empowering Leadership: Managing Projects” at my company. We are listening to an interview of a person who is well rounded and knows a lot about the business world including managing projects. He says that at times, you may be thrown into a project management position. You’ll have to manage something and all of a sudden it’s a project and voila; project manager, you are. The guest was asked “What leadership qualities does one need for a project manager? ” The answer he gave is “influencing without power.” Boy, do I know about this one. When I was a lower level at my job, I wouldn’t get answers from people for a long time or at all. I would have to get my boss to send out the message again in order to get an answer. I at one point started to send more and more messages to the same person to get answers. Was I being annoying? Maybe. But after a while, they realized I was serious about the questions and they would eventually answer me back. I had to get a relationship with that person in order for them to get back to me. Also, I started becoming friendly with their boss. This got their attention. And for sure they started to get back to me in a more frequent matter. Hey, you need to do what you need to do. In the interview he also said that as a project manager, you can’t be a pushover. There is a delicate balance. A project manager should be nice as well as persuasive. And always explain to the subject mater experts and others involved in the project; how we’re invested on this together. Also, being firm and at times, pushing back, is also something that a project manager needs to do. It was an interesting conversation. In the end a question came up; what if you’re an expert in marketing and you’re tasked to do a project on rocket ships? The interviewee mentioned to be calm and to learn as much as possible and if necessary to get outside help, like vendors. This was something that I definitely needed to hear. I am currently in a position where I need to understand backend systems, which I do not, and will most likely need to have outside help in order to understand all of the work that I need to accomplish.
At the end of the work day one of the business analysts and I had a meeting regarding an item that was not working for one of my sites. And, thank the Lord, it wasn’t something that I did wrong. There is a break/fix that we will be working on with our developers.
I continue to try and figure out if there is a course for Business Analysts. I’ve reached out to one of my colleagues who is also in this rollercoaster ride of being a BA, as he was also given the opportunity of being a BA and seeing if he knows of any courses that we can take to learn more about this subject. So far nothing. If we could find something during the workweek, that would be fantastic. I’ve reached out to NYIT as they sent me an email today about graduate school. I sent a request back to them to provide information, if any, on being a BA. We will see what kind of information they come back with. Probably nothing as I’ve already checked out their curriculum and everything that they offer. No BA. I will keep on researching.

Until next time.
Stay safe

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