Working from home week #30

The struggle was real this weekend. I had a mental breakdown over the weekend, then all of a sudden the reset of the week got better. What a rollercoaster, I don’t know how my brain handles all of this craziness.

Over the weekend I had a mental breakdown. I’ve written a blog about it, but am not too anxious to share it, but it’s posted anyway. It it my confession of the deficiencies of my brain lol. I laugh otherwise I’d be crying about it. I’ve done enough of that over the weekend. Why? No idea! My brain sucks.

It’s Monday, and today I woke up with a little bit more energy than I have had all of last week or even weeks. I’ve been down and have been having a hard time getting my spirits back up. But today, I am feeling better than last week and get out of bed earlier than my usual time. I make my breakfast. Then clean up the kitchen including washing, drying and putting the morning dishes away. I then get dressed and take all of my medicines for the morning hours. I also make the bed and clean up the bedroom/office. I’ve had a bunch of paperwork that I need to send in to work and it is all over the place. I have scanned everything, sent it in to my HR representative and then placed them all away. After that, I get to my work email and I have plenty of emails to look through. As for my personal emails, I have enough to keep me busy for a couple of days. I have a couple of email addresses and each has it’s own purpose. The one that has my daughter’s school and medical emails, that is all up to date and tidy. The other ones, not so much. As for the one that I get all of my advertisements, such as sales and other random emails, that one is full. I’ll get to it eventually as I mainly delete everything. I don’t have time to shop right now, plus we are trying to save for a few projects on the house. So no buying of anything.
During the day it’s all work and no play. Lots to do. Skipped lunch again today as there is a lot on my plate while working for the man. In the evening we do more and more homework with the little one. It just doesn’t end with the school work.

It’s Tuesday and I feel refreshed. I’ve been feeling a down, but this morning I am focused. I take a nice shower in the morning and get properly dressed for work. Work dress pants and all. Maybe getting nicely dressed for work will take me out of my funk.
After a few hours at work and so far so good, I’m still focused. I’ve had meetings on top of meetings, all of the meetings are over the phone, none are on video. But, getting “dressed” for work has made me a little more confident today. Seems like my funk is going away. Yay!

It’s Wednesday and there are meetings after meetings today. No time for anything else but meetings. There were meetings in the morning hours. Skipped lunch as there was a meeting at noon until three thirty then another one overlapping that started at three. Then another one at three thirty to four. And finally the famous four to five meeting. Hate those, but they are necessary. I finally get some work done between the hours of five and seven.
After this tremendous fun day it gets better. We noticed the pipes in house may be clogged. My husband went to the basement to try and fix it, to no avail. We were there for hours working on this fix. The water spewed out and the entire section of the basement floor got wet. We put a towel on the floor but, it didn’t really pick up anything as it was soaked. We also placed a nice and big bucket underneath the pipes to fill in with the gushing water. That water was all dirty and it stunk. Oh the joys of being a homeowner.
We then tried to put the water hose down the pipe to see it if would clean it out and of course, it didn’t do a darn thing. By eleven, my husband gave up and said he would need to go to home depot in order to get a rent a machine to clean out the pipes.
We placed the lid of the pipe back on and I became the cleanup crew. I took all of the water that collected and took it up the stairs and dumped it out the door. I must have gone up and down the stairs a dozen times in order to get all of the water out of that big bucket. Next I cleaned the water up with a shopvac. Thank goodness we have one of these. This thing cleans up really well. Then I dumped all of the water that was in the vacuum and noticed that it was filled with dirt and dust as well. My dumb ass forgot to see if it had anything in it before starting to vacuum up the water. Now I have more cleaning to do. When everything was all done, I took a baby wipe bath as I was all sweaty from the cleanup work. Can’t wait until I’m able to take a nice shower. By midnight or so I was all done and to bed I went.

It’s Thursday and we still can’t use the facilities nor use any of the faucets. So, it’s like were camping. We gotta go do our business outside. I got myself a bucket and did my business outside and then cleaned it up of course. We also have a bucket in the sink for hand and dish washing. After breakfast, I washed all of the dishes that were in the bucket and put them all away, then threw the water outside. It felt like I was in the mid 1900 without indoor plumbing. I laughed when I had to do this as I remembered my early childhood. When my family and I were living in Portugal in my mother’s parents old house, we too did not have indoor plumbing for a while. We would have to do the same thing. Except we would need to get the water from an outside source. To be honest, I don’t remember where the water came from. I just remember that I had to do my business in a small bucket also known as a peecan or a my mother called it a “peniquo.” Of course I was a small child and did not go outside like the adults. At one point, I remember having a toilet installed in the house as well as running water. Good old times. Not for my mother as I’m sure that was a lot of work with three children in tow. But we did what we had to do those days.
As for the plumbing in our house, we decided to get someone to come on over as opposed to going to the hardware store. We probably would have spent the same amount of money or even more because we’re not plumbers. So, I called a plumber right in the morning and he ensured me that he would come to the house in the evening. He wound up coming to the house by two in the afternoon. He did the inspection in the basement and then got his tools. I then had a meeting for work. Surprise, surprise, right?! Another meeting. I was heading the meeting so I had to be there. Anyway, I got into my meeting and the plumber got to his work. The plumber was finished with his work before I was finished with my meeting. Fantastic!! I was so happy and impressed. Now, we can use the facilities inside the house instead of using our outdoor outhouse. And, best of all, take a shower.
In the evening, I pay bills and getting back to work. Since I had a bunch of meetings today and was not able to get all of my work done. So here I am. Taking a break and doing my blog and then back to the grind of doing my work for the man.
I continued to work and work until I couldn’t do it anymore, until about nine. And then, I did a bad thing. I watched the Presidential debate. What I liked it was that the mediator was able to keep up with the candidates. As a former broadcaster wanna be, I think Kristen Welker did a great job keeping up with the both of them. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy task.

It’s Friday and I am having a hard time getting started. I’ve woken up a few minutes later than I wanted. I had breakfast, buttered bagel and a cup of coffee, but I’m still struggling. Usually after breakfast, I have a kickstart and all gets better as my issue tends to be hunger. However, I’ve eaten and taken all of my medicine and I continue to be down and out. During my morning meeting, I had my headphones on and my eyes closed. Oh brother this can’t be good. I was listening but not necessarily paying attention. That’s ok, at least for this meeting. We always have an email with the meeting minutes prepared afterwards. If I missed anything, I have the email to refer back to. To get out of my slowness, I’ve tried listening to some happy music but that didn’t work. Then I was listening to a podcast and that was turned off right away as I was not in the mood to listen to anyone talk. I then played the Elvis Duran morning show and let that play in the background as I worked. I’m used to their voices and theirs didn’t bother me that much, so I left the on.
It’s the afternoon and I continue to not have any energy. I’ve taken my daily vitamin and still nothing. It’s also a gloomy day outside and maybe that is why I’m on the non energy train. I truly hope that my funk isn’t coming back. I’ve been having rough weeks and don’t need another one.

Struggling in Orange

Over the weekend I am on a mission to clean up the bedroom. It hasn’t been deep dusted in a while and it needs it. My husband keeps on sneezing and he thinks it’s the dust. I’m thinking it’s seasonal allergies, but I do the work anyway. I get out all of the supplies and put my back into it. I dust and dust. I clean around the windows, then clean underneath the furniture and the bed. He is absolutely correct, there is a lot of dust underneath there. I found a whole lotta dust bunnies lol. Then I take out the vacuum and clean it all up. I wonder how the house gets so dusty.
After that, it was time for some closet cleaning, I’ve had a pair of shoes that I’ve been wearing around the house. They are a pair of summer boat shoes that are a little too big for me, so they have been my “house” shoes for a while. I’m not a big fan of slippers as they can get too hot on my feet and those shoes were just right, warmth wise. These were the shoes that I would wear when I was “at work.” As soon as the work day was over, I’d take them off and go about my business. But they started giving me blisters. At one point I had a pimple on my toe. Who gets pimples on their toes? It was itchy as all get out. So these need to go. Bye shoes it’s been fun working from home with you, but you gotta go.
I then opened up my wardrobe where I have my pjs stored. I have a couple of pairs of shots from when I played soccer. It’s been a few years since my soccer days. Like 10 or so, maybe 15. I used to use them when I was working in the yard as they are comfortable and they dry quickly. But, the elastic has gone and I still have them stored away. Why? So I get the five pair of these shorts and put out too. I can’t even donate them, they are so un-useable at this point.

The little one photobombing the picture

In the afternoon, I went back to the eye doctor with the family. They had my glasses and contacts ready for me to pick up. I was in the office for a good half hour. They couldn’t find the contacts boxes. The ladies who work there looked and looked and they couldn’t find anything. Meanwhile, there was a man who was fixing my frames so they would fit my face properly. The glasses had to be adjusted a few times before they fit right. In the end the ladies at the office told me they’d have to mail me the contacts as they truly could not find them in the office. I was willing to go back to pick them up, but they were nice enough to say they’d mail them over. Even better, I won’t need to get out of the house. Staying nice and put.
After, I was trying to take a picture of myself with my new glasses to show you all but my little one kept on photobombing me lol. She wants to show off her pokemon toys that she loves so much. My new glasses are now a black frame as opposed to my usual brown colors. Figured, I’d change it up a bit. Plus, I liked this style better than the alternative.
I eventually was able to take a photo without the little one photobombing, but this was while she was being entertained by daddy. Daddy decided that it would be a good idea to watch a spooky movie tonight in celebration of the spooky season. He decided to put on The Poltergeist. I turned to him and said NO, she’s going to have nightmares with this movie. The little girl being taken by the ghosts. It’s going to scare the pants off of her. But he kept it on and she was a good sport. We kept on telling her it is just a movie and nothing is real. The ghosts are all tricks of the movie people. Everything is done on computers and nothing is real. Everything is like the Halloween animatronics that she loves so much. After The Poltergeist, we turned on a funny Halloween movie and that fixed our brains from scary to silly. It was a HappyMadisson movie with Adam Sandler so it was really silly. That is when I was able to get away for a little bit and take a picture to show you all my new glasses without being photobombed.

My new eye wear

Until next time.
Stay safe.

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