Working from Home week #19

It’s Monday and I am sleeping in. No getting up early, No running just sleep. My head is on fire and I am not in the mood. Today is not the day for hitting those types of goals.
I am however, looking for inner peace. I have been anxietal at just about everything and I have decided that inner peace may be the way to a better outlook on life. I’ve been looking for inspirational inner peace quotes on google, where else, and found the following “I have no desire to argue with anyone, I choose to walk away because I just want peace.” Another quote that I like is: “Never be in a hurry; Do everything quietly and in calm spirit. Do not loose your inner peace for anything whatsoever. Even if your whole world seems upset.” by Saint Francis De Sales.
While I am not looking for inner peace I am listening to Business Intelligence for Dummies. I have been given an opportunity to be a business analyst at my firm and I am working on knowing all about the subject. Business Intelligence and business analyst aren’t exactly the same, but I am learning nevertheless. Over the weekend I was watching videos on youtube about the subject of being a business analyst and learning some more about it. Interesting stuff. Being a BA is being the liaison between the business team and the IT teams. I will basically be the middle person between the two. It should be fun! At least I will make it as much fun as I possibly can. That’s what I do, I make my jobs, as terrible as they may seem, fun for me. I tell myself that this new adventure is going to be a good time and I forge forward and make it as such for me. I don’t know about anyone else, but for me it’ll be a good time.

Happy Tuesday! So this morning, my husband decided that the way to help me to wake up was to call my out my name and then shout, WAKE UP! It scared the bejesus out of me. But I sure got out of bed fast. Thanks husband, I think! I then took a sip of my coffee and looked out the front window to see if the cute fawn were outside munching on the grass. They were not. I haven’t see them is a few weeks. I hope they are ok. After that I got on the treadmill and ran for about 20 minutes. I did not do my full 30 minutes, not sure why, but I am tired today. But I did continue on the walk for 3 miles. I am thinking of doing 5k street races and need to be able to keep up for that amount of time. That’s not necessarily my goal for now, but I am keeping it up to 3 miles per day. My goal is to run for 30 minutes at a faster pace. And maybe, do a 5k under those 30 minutes. That is my goal for now. I want to be able to do that by the fall. After my run and my other exercises I get to my dear coffee! My husband places the coffee inside my jirushi thermous and it stays hot for the entire morning. I use french vanilla creamer on my coffee, that my husband was so kind to get for me from the grocery store, yummy! Thank you, husband!

It’s Wednesday and I am up and early. My husband decided that it would be hilarious to wake me up by screaming WAKE UP!! at 5:30 in the morning. He didn’t even start by saying my name first this morning, he went straight for the call. He must of been in a hurry this morning. But it worked, because, it sure work me up right away! I was initially mad at him because I thought that he would wake up the house, but then thought it was funny as everyone was already awake at that hour. Does no one sleep at this house?!
Him scaring the hell out of me this morning was like the bugle being played at the air force base to wake up the soldiers lol. So now that I was up, I get dressed and make the bed then I right away went to do my product launch for one of our large printers. The team only provided me with the information to post on the site a couple of days ago, so here I am up and early doing the work that should have been done last week, I am doing it on the day of the launch. The teams do that often and I comply. In the end, it’s just another product launch.
In the evening, we needed to bring our family car to the mechanic as the air conditioner stopped working. I don’t know what it is with air conditioners but they never seem to work out for me. My little car also does not have air conditioning. It has been fixed multiple times and it continues to break. So now the family car is at the shop and we are using my little car to go pokemoning in the afternoon. So here we all are in a car that does not have air conditioning. The windows are all down and the hot air is coming in. Also, the muffler in the car has broken in half. So the car has no AC and it is loud and sounds like a race car. My daughter was having a ball with the craziness. Since the windows are all down, she thought that our hair being all over the place due to the wind was hilarious. She also thought that the car being really loud was also very funny especially the way that it was being driven. It really does sound like a race car. We are having a heat wave in Long Island and it was really hot in the car. So again, no AC, widows down, loud muffler and all of us sweating; we were all laughing at our misery. We were all truly having a good time and laughing the entire time.

It’s Thursday and I have gone on the treadmill but did not run today. Today, I walked uphill for over an hour. I figured I’d change my routine a little bit so that there will be some sort of a nice change. I get bored doing the same things over and over again.
Apparently, my boss understands my feeling of being bored as I am no longer working in marketing. I’ve been a marketing senior specialist for over 10 years at my firm. But, now I have began to transition working as a business analyst. I have never officially done this type of work before but it seems like I will be able to tackle it. My boss would like for me to take a course or two on this and I am grateful for that. If you know of any good courses for business analysis please share this with me. Meanwhile, I will continue to do product launches and other marketing aspects of my work until the transition is complete. So for another two months or so, I will be wearing a few different hats at work.

It’s Friday, my hair looks great and I am feeling great. I left my hair in a big braid over night and this morning I have beach waves. I like it! As for work, it has been a very busy day with wearing a few hats. I’ve had a morning filled with meetings for my new position and the afternoon filled with work for my marketing position.
In the evening we go out for a drive in mommy’s race car and we continue to have a great time in our misery. It is hot and muggy but my daughter thinks that our hair being all over the place due to the wind is hilarious. By the time we get home, we all need a shower since we are all sticky and our hair needs a good washing. But prior to that, we have some ice cream to cool off. It’s been a good day.

Working from home week #18

Hi there thank you for reading!

Happy Monday! This morning, I got my running in bright and early. I did my 30 minutes of running and a total of 3 miles with walking. I then, did my sit-ups and push-ups. I’ve added the push-ups to the routine as my arms are getting flabby as I age and I need them muscular. I then took some time to take care of my plants. I took a water jug outside and watered the plants that so desperately need it. It was due to rain all weekend due to the tropical storm that we are getting, but it didn’t rain at all by us. Instead, it was hot and humid. I then took my warm shower and got to my affirmations. Below is one of my favorites for the day.

Now, it’s time for work. While doing my work, I am also listening to The Scrum Fieldbook: A Master Class on Accelerating Performance, Getting Results, and Defining the Future by J.J. Sutherland. I am working studying SCRUM for Agile in Project Management and figure, I’d listen to the experts on how it works. Southerland says that people can’t “literally multitask” I agree. He also says to not “confuse on being busy to being done.” I can use this on my personal life. Busy work does not mean that you are done.
I have already taken a course in Nassau College and am now studying to take my certification on SCRUM for Agile Project Management. On mock tests, I have been doing pretty well, I’m continuing to study so I can get certified. Listening to this audiobook is helping me to learn some more on this subject. The book is also quite entertaining too. The author was also a reporter for NPR and a he is a great story teller.
I pause for lunch and had plain Greek yogurt with honey on top. The honey on top was delicious! I get this from my husband who got this idea from his mother. So good!
I have so much to do for work that I only take a few minutes to scarf down the yogurt and get back to my bedroom/office and continue to add content to the websites that I work on.

It’s Tuesday and I was awakened at 5AM to be with my husband for a little bit. He then leaves for work and I tell him to have a nice day at work. I then go back to bed. I am sleepy today and my body is achy, I need some rest. So, I am scrolling through Instagram and looking at pretty pictures of vintage homes and decorations and then I fall back asleep with the phone on my had. This morning I did not have any dreams, just blissful sleep. It’s usually have funny, wild dreams during short naps but not today. After my nap, I get up, make my bed, get dressed and am now ready for work. Thank goodness we finally got an air-conditioner in the bedroom/office. It is hot out there and working iin the bedroom/office with the window open can become a bit suffocating during hot and muggy days. I thank the Lord that I still have my job and we are able to afford the luxury of cool air.
I’m in the need of courage today, so I turn to Instagram and find this encouraging quote from BOSSBABE: “It takes a certain type of courage to believe in yourself and actually realize that you have something to offer that no one else in the world does.” Another encouraging quote is from Erma Bombeck; “It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” And one by Steve Jobs that I also like; “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” I feel that my gut and intuition are usually correct, but I tend to always second guess myself. In the end, I become unsure of what my original gut feeling really was because my mind and my heart are wrestling each other. My heart always wants everyone and everything to be great and beautiful, but my gut is always stepping back and defending the heart.

It’s now Wednesday and it’s humpday. I can’t wait until the week is over so I can sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. Until then, I woke up early helped my husband. Had some home made bread, that he made…delicious! And then, went for my run. I was able to complete my 30 minute run once again and that made me happy. I hate the beginning of my workout days; like having to change from comfy jammies to workout wear, going to the treadmill and turning it on. It’s a process. But afterwords, it is awesome. I absolutely love the way I feel after I’ve accomplish my running goal.

While working, I’m now listening listening to Catch 22 by Joseph Heller and am laughing out loud. After a while I had to turn it off, I couldn’t work and listen to the satire at the same time. And then it was a Rihanna song…work, work, work, work, work!

It’s Thursday and this morning I slept until I couldn’t sleep anymore. I still got up at 5AM to be with the hubby and help him with his shoes and socks but then back to bed I went and slept well. I did however have a strange dream. I dreamed that there was this girl that I was friends with who was being a total diva. Apparently, I used to babysit her when she was younger and now that she was older, we had become friends. And one day, she told me that she did not need to be nice to anyone because her family was rich and rich people were on point and did not have to be nice to others. So I spinned my heels and went right to her papa and talked to him about it. I said Sir I am sorry, but today will be my last day in this house. And then I went on to tell him what his daughter had said to me and he laughed at me! I told him that this is no laughing matter. He stopped laughing and put on a serious face then said that his daughter will never have any real friends if she has that attitude towards life. I then storm away from the room. Now, my conscious wants to see who this “friend” is. Is it someone I know in real life? A friend I’ve had in the past or present? Who is this girl who wants to be “on point” and not kind. So I go looking for her in my dream. I find her and I see my face staring back at me! It was me! Damn, I was mean and gave attitude to myself in my own dream. That can’t be a good sign. As for my real personality, I’m always looking for the best in people and always trying my best to be good and kind to everyone not mean and “on point,” whatever he hell that means. At least that is my goal. If I’m mean or nasty to you, I am truly sorry. That is not my intention.
As for work, I am working on finding new projects to do on my site. I realize that the site needs a clean up. We have a lot of old content and want to get rid of products that are no longer relevant to our dealers. So I send out emails to my IT counterparts to provide information so I can share it with our teams and the great cleanup can begin.
At the end of the day I study. And then study some more. I am copying my notes over again so I can retain the information. And quite frankly get rid of all of the paper work that I have. I am just about ready to take my Agile Project Management using Scrum test. I’ve already received my certificate for the class. Now all I have to do is get my certification and I am all set to go.

It’s now Friday and I am refreshed as I have done my run and exercises for the day and took my refreshing shower. I then get to work. I am working on a project and feel like I am getting something really important done for my company. My boss wants me to be the business analyst I’m hoping that I get it right the first time and don’t have to go back and forth with business and IT on this one. We will see.
Turns out that whatever I did so far is not right or enough. Yikes! So I thought and though about what else I could do and I resolved on calling my mentor and asked her for some advise and if she could help me out. She said for me to talk to someone who has done that type of project in the past. I’d be better off talking to a particular individual as she may be willing to give me a hand. So with great fear, I had to read some encouraging quotes from my notebook before acting. I reached out to the person my mentor recommended via email for an introduction and to see if she can help me out. She answered me back shortly after and said yes she would help me! We have a meeting next week and hopefully she will be my savior for this project.
I continued to work throughout the day and going through videos on youtube so I can educate myself a little more on the subject for my project. So far, I’ve found fundamentals but no techniques. I will continue to search for these. Do you know of any videos or books that I can see/read/listen to regarding business analyst? If so, please share these with me.
In the evening, I decided to take a break from my stresses of work. The family and I went and played pokemonGo in town. We didn’t find many raids but did go for a nice drive to release our stresses away. During this pandemic we continue to stay away from others and not have any contact. We have our masks in the car, just in case there is an issue. But we are practicing safe distancing and will continue to do this until the pandemic has calmed down some more.

Until next week. Stay safe and healthy!



It’s Saturday and I started my day off with placing the finishing touches on my weekly blog. If you’re interested, this week was Working from Home Week #17. This blog is basically my diary of my work weeks while in quarantine. They tend to get a little boring as it has become the same thing each and every week. I try to spice it up a bit with pictures and other things that I am doing besides running in the morning and working all day.

I am very exited today as today I have a team coming to the house and putting down mulch. I haven’t had mulch placed in our yard in a few years and it needs it badly. I have a few flowers planted and the mulch will make them look beautiful. This will also help keep the moisture and makes the yard look fantastic.

While they are doing that, I am cleaning the bedroom/office that I have been working in during quarantine. The sheets need washing and the bed needs to be made fresh. All the while, I will let the bed breath for a little while so the sleep smells can come out of the bed.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

I really enjoy listening to Rachel Hollis. She keeps me inspired and keeps me going. I really enjoyed her first motivational book, Girl, Wash Your Face. I thought her book was all about a hot mess with sprinkles of fashion and beauty and it turns out they are about the beauty inside all of us.

I am now listening to Girl, Stop Apologizing. She says that “confidence matters.” Even if confidence means wearing hair extensions and makeup. I tend to lack in confidence an am always looking for some sort of inspiration and confidence and Rachel gives me just that. She tell us @msrachelhollis that a “Morning routine is EVERYTHING. When the world around you feels uncertain, your daily habits are the way to feel centered.” This is why I do my best to have a morning routine that I can follow. Running and coffee are my morning routines. I run every other day and have my morning cup of coffee every day. I have gratitude for my coffee pot and the fact that it has a timer on it. My husband is so helpful and places the coffee in my thermos so it stays nice and hot. He does this every single morning. Thank you, husband! I give thanks that my mother-in-law bought the coffee maker for us. I think she bought it for us for mother’s day no less. What a treat. Thank you mother-in-law!

In the book Rachel also says to, “Replace your to do list with a Results list.” I follow her advise and have a journal with just that. I write “I am Successful, I am Worth It, I am Enough.” I also write “Today is the best version of me.” I write these every day and the more I write them down, the more I start to believe them.
In the book, she also goes deep into her personal life and I feel like we are good friends. What she went through when she had her first kid, and the twins and also some other personal beauty things. Read the book, you’ll know what I’m talking about. However, no judgements here. Fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake whatever…you do you sister.

She says that she wrote this book for “the community who is hungry for their dreams. It’s for my hustlers who are up till 2am working towards their goals. It’s for my mamas who are being pulled in ten different directions and are still making time for their personal goals. It’s for anyone who is striving to be the best version of themselves.”

She also gives me inspiration and states that “It’s not your job to fit into anyone elses’ ideal. It’s your job to start believing who you are and what you’re capable of. It’s time to be yourself, unapologetically.”

And then she says that “It’s time to stop apologizing for who you are. It’s time to become who you were meant to be.” And that spoke to me. I feel like I keep on hiding my true self. I like being my weird self and having people laugh, with me, at my weirdness. At times I feel like I have stop it and be “normal.” I don’t want to be normal, normal is boring.

She also does gratitude through meditation at the very end. If you are listening to the audiobook, make sure you are in an area where you can sit for a little while and feel a moment of gratitude.

Working from home week #17

I’m still at home and still loving it. Some of my coworkers want to go back, I am happy as a clam staying put.

Happy Monday!
This morning I did my Monday routine, get up at 6AM, be with my husband for a little bit. Go for a run, shower and then yummy coffee! Having a Monday routine is good for me. I know exactly what I need to do and I only concentrate on doing it. I don’t have to think, only do.
As for work, I have 500 emails to look through. I would of had more, but I cheated during my week off and looked through about another 400 emails. One of the emails, I notice is a last minute product launch and I have just one day to prepare. Usually, we request for the teams to provide me all of the assets two weeks prior to a launch as it take a while and a lot of coordination with my IT team to get everything up and ready. Just one day to get everything ready, means no lunch break for today and I have to keep on hustling to get everything ready for tomorrow’s product launch. Plus, I have another huge launch for the Camera team that I must take care of as well. We are launching about 10 products and about 30 or so accessories. I’ll let you know when the product launches, for right now it is a secret. Even to me. The product group doesn’t tell us much about the launching products, which is OK. They want to make sure there aren’t any leaks about the products. And keep it a surprise for everyone. I will know about them when everyone else knows about them.
After looking through all of the emails and sending a few back and forth, I start getting drained an I am looking for some motivation to keep going with my workday. I look through Twitter and find the below that I really like. This motivation gets me through a few more hours of work. Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter, I will follow you back.

I’ve been listening to the song death bed by Powfu featuring beabadoobee. Truly listening to the lyrics. I will be totally honest and say that I dislike it very much lol. It is such a sad song and it almost makes me cry every time it comes on the radio. Here are some of the lyrics, you tell me if this is sad or not.
“Don’t stay awake for too long
Don’t go to bed
I’ll make a cup of coffee for your head
I’ll get you up and going out of bed.
I don’t wanna fall asleep
I don’t want to pass away
I been thinking of our future ’cause I’ll never see those days
I don’t know why this has happened
But I probably deserve it
I tried to do my best
But you know that I’m not perfect…”

This is one of the saddest songs I’ve heard. Why are we playing this on the radio when the pandemic is going on and so many people are sick or passing away? Or cancer? Or anyone with a chronic condition? This song is surely going to speak to some people and they will need their daily dose of depression medication to get over the hump. As for me, thankfully, I don’t have anyone in that predicament. However, when this song comes on the radio, I have to move on. I’ve listening to the lyrics more and more and now that I’ve actually read them, it’s even worst. At first I only heard the “cup of coffee for your head” part and I thought, yes, that is me, I need that cup of coffee for my head. And then, I paid attention to the rest of the song and I wanted to cry. What do you think of this song? Like it? Don’t like it?

The family and I went for a drive over the weekend and saw a place that is famously known as “The Witches Hat.” located in Aquebogue on the North Fork in Long Island. For a long time I’ve wondered what its purpose was. It’s located next to an animal hospital and I’ve always wondered if it had anything to do with the hospital. It’s such a small little structure and really adorable that I decided to look into it further and find out more about it. The Riverhead Local newspaper stated that it was a small store that sold candy. Apparently, the owner decided to make the structure look like a hat so that it would attract passersby who were going from the city to the Hamptons’. I would stop there to buy candy, wouldn’t you? Smart owners!

Another thing I saw on our drive was the Free Little Library. Not sure exactly where it is located but it is next to a bus stop on the way to Mattituck, Long Island also on the North Fork. I think it is so flipping cute. I just adore these little free libraries. To me, they look like little bird houses with old books in them. If it wasn’t for covid-19, I’d be looking at all of the books and reading all of the covers. And probably smelling them. I love the smell of old books. It brings me such joy. For now, I’ll just enjoy the view and what the little libraries represent.

As for work, holly molly what a day. We had what our department calls a “town hall meeting” conference call and we learned that there are many changes in our department. As for me, I am continuing to do the same thing and reporting to the same manager. Everyone else however, looks like they’ve been shuffled around doing different things and reporting to different management. Hopefully this shuffling is a good thing for my colleges. Meanwhile, I have been hustling all day to get my work done. But not before I get my feel goods done in my notebook. Today’s feel good is started with “Go for a Run” followed by “I am enough.” Then I keep on working hard to get all of my work done. I hustle and hustle and hustle all day. It’s now 9:30PM and I am still working on the product launch for tomorrow. I am tired, my back is hurting and I am jonesing for a sweet treat. I stopped working, grabbed a pack of Oreo cookies and a cup of milk and had a feast! I will continue my work tomorrow morning.

It’s Tuesday and I have skipped my run this morning, instead, at 6AM I get out of bed and get to work. My husband got me up and going and I am ready for the day. There is much to do today for work and little time to do it. After a little while, about an hour or so, I pause and reflect, and look for motivation. These are what I found today: “Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” Another one that I like is: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some humor and some style” -Maya Angelou. OK, now that I have some inspiration, I am ready to tackle some more work.
Today I learned some sad news, one of the friends that I’ve recently made at work is moving on and will no longer be working for my company. We’ve been working together for a short period of time, but we became fast friends and we could talk for hours about nothing and laugh at everything lol. I am glad she’s gotten an opportunity elsewhere but I will sure miss working with her.

It’s Wednesday morning at the crack of dawn and I am so excited, I DID IT! I reached my goal and was able to run for a whole 30 minutes. I did my warm up by walking uphill, and then I started to run. I was able to reach my goal of half hour nonstop. Woohoo!
Since I am always reaching, I already have another goal in place. I’d like to run for those 30 minutes at a faster pace. Currently, I am running at a 3.0 pace on the treadmill. I want to reach 4.0 by the beginning of the fall season. I’m sure if I keep working at it, I am confident I will be able to reach that goal. Slow and steady wins the race.
After my workout, I looked outside the living room window and saw our little fawn feasting in the front yard. I recorded a video and will work on sharing it with you. Check it out below.

Our Fawn

Yes, I am whispering because they can hear me, even through the window. One of them saw me open up the blinds and stared me down for a little while before going back to eating. They have very sharp hearing. My daughter thinks that they are both girls and thinks they should be named Snow Ball and Fluffy. That is what we will call them from now on.
Today is my nieces’ birthday. And I was invited to take part of the birthday car parade. I went to their street and got on line behind the other cars. I’m glad I went as there were only 4 or 5 cars to celebrate her birthday. So, me and my loud car were the last on the line. You see, my muffler has broken and the car is very loud. Also, the air conditioner went kaput. It hadn’t worked in the past and then it got fixed and then it broke again. The car is an old one and it needs replacing, but who had that kind of money during this pandemic?! So, no air conditioner and loud exhaust. Might as well roll down the windows, pump up the music and pretend it is done on purpose! So we all honked as we drove by, waved and yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY out the window!! It was so nice, the entire family was in the front yard waving at everyone. I was so emotional that I was starting to tear up. I drove back to their house and said my hellos and a happy birthday again to the baby girl and then I headed back home as I had to get back to work. I only have one hour for lunch after all. As I was driving home, I started to hear metal hitting the asphalt. What this means is my muffler has really broken in half and is bouncing around on the ground. As I drove through bumps, I could hear the muffler scrapping the ground. This isn’t good, I thought. I had to start driving slower. On the Long Island Expressway, I had to drive on the right lane with my blinkers on nice and slow. At one point, it happened! The muffler completely broke off and it flew off my car. It bounced off the car and landed in the middle of the left lane. Thank God there wasn’t anyone behind me who had to swerve out of the way. No accidents on the highway! So now, there is half a muffler in the middle of the LIE in Suffolk county. And I need a new muffler. So, what should I do? Fix the air conditioner and replace the muffler or get a new car? Of course the answer at this point is a new car, but again, who’s got the money for that?! Sure I can lease now, by the way things are going I will be working from home for a few more months and will not have to worry about adding miles to any car. And who knows, maybe my company will start to allow us to work from home more often after the pandemic is over. That would be a blessing for me. My commute is about an hour and a half sometimes two hours depending on traffic. For the last few months, I only drove my car for a few miles. Once to wash the green pollen off of it, the other was today, for my nieces’ birthday. My other option is to buy a car. But then we will have to figure out if it’s best to buy a bigger family car or a hybrid for me to drive into work. Of course the family car will be more practical, but the hybrid will get me to work faster and it’s less on the wallet. My husband and I will have to meet and discuss our best options.

It’s Thursday and I woke up in a terrible mood. This is due to the dream I had right before I woke up. My dream was that my brothers and I were in a car driving in the city. The two of them were bickering about a construction site. They were going on and on about the history and why it was built that way and then why it was under construction and why it was taking so long for the construction to be completed. And they were going on and on about it. All I wanted to do was tell them to shut it, but instead, as per usual, I just let them bicker it out as I was in the back seat and it was annoying the hell out of me. Thank goodness it was wake up time and my husband woke me up and asked me to give him a hand this morning. I was in such a foul mood that I asked him “what for, you’re not even dressed.” He looked at me angrily with a questioning face. So I thought about what I said and it didn’t make any sense. Of course he’s not even dressed dummy, I thought to myself, that’s what I’m here for, to help him. So I apologized and told him I had a bad, very annoying dream. I told him about it and he laughed at me. I helped him dress and told him to have a nice day and he grunted back at me “it’s never a nice day at work.” I told him I was sorry to hear that and he left for work. It’s now a couple of hours later and I am still annoyed at the dream I had. Rotten siblings getting into my head.
As for work, I to get right on the laptop as we have Camera products launching today. If you are interested there is a video online about all of the products we launched. Everyone at that “office” are very exited about these new products. They are exceptional for photographers an videographers in the field. From their testimonies, they love these new products! The rest of the working day was all about updating the websites. As I am working away, I am also listening to Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. She says that “confidence matters.” Even if confidence means wearing hair extensions and makeup. I like Rachel, she gives great advice and makes me feel greatfull for what I have and how I am doing.
By 3PM I take a water break and see my daughter in the kitchen. I give her a big hug and kiss and she asked, to please, pretty please play with her for a little bit. So we played Hungry, Hungry Hippo for about 10 minutes. She was laughing, yelling and screaming, “oh yeah!” when she got the special yellow ball. I’m laughing too! I’m having a ball playing with her and hearing all of her comments. She is so funny! My little love dove! After a while of playing, I tell her I am very sorry, but I need to get back to work. I would play more Hungry, Hungry Hippo with her after work.
So today, I have worked from 6AM until 6PM…I am cooked. It’s 6:15PM and the and instant messages keep on coming. Forget this, I am going to turn off the laptop and check the messages tomorrow. After I close the laptop I look around my bedroom/office and notice that I never put my PJ’s away nor did I make the bed. I didn’t clean up anything. I only changed my clothes from PJ’S to work appropriate clothing because I had conference calls where we all turn on our cameras. Other wise, I would have been in PJ’s all day. Long day! Now, I’m going to have a slice of cake and de-stress for a little while until bed time.

It’s now Friday and I woke up with a raging headache. I think my husband tried to wake me up this morning, but I did not budge. I woke up to my 7:30AM alarm and then continue to stay in bed until 8:30AM or so. I rolled out of bed and I felt the heals of my feet were on fire, ouch! I then walked, excuse-me, limped to the bathroom as my feet were not cooperating and limped again to the kitchen. I then had some of my morning coffee. The delicious coffee made it for a better morning. I took some Tylenol for my head and the headache went away and then I sit down on my victorian chair in my bedroom/office an to work I go. Today I am feeling the love and look for inspirational love quotes. I found one from Mother Teresa: “I have found the paradox, that if you love util it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” And another by Maya Angelou “Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurtles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” Another one that spoke to me is, “Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.” – Karl A. Menninger.
At the end of the workday we had a team meeting with our new team members. We learned a little bit about each other and noted that we are all doing some sort of exercise to keep our heads and hearts on straight during this pandemic and staying put this season. Most of the women are doing yoga at home. I love yoga, but doing it by myself is a little boring. I’d rather go for a run.
Today, and over the weekend, we have tropical storm Fey coming through. It is already raining and it apparently will continue all weekend long. Hopefully the winds will not be so bad and dear God no trees down. We have a couple of trees that are close to the house and they are big! They unfortunately need to come down. I will miss them very much once they are gone but they have to go, for the sake our safety and the safety of our home.

Stay safe and healthy. Until next week.

Trying a new thing

I’ve been blogging on a private section on my isabelsworld site. This blog is for my daughter to see when she is a grown adult. It’s a diary of things that happen to me on a daily basis so that she can understand my mindset enduring this time of her life. I remember how my mother was at this age and it wasn’t so great. I know now she had a few issues such as depression and anxiety. Back then I didn’t know this. All I knew is that mom needed some time to herself at times. And a lot of times she’d leave me with my brother to watch me. He was a teenager and didn’t know any better. Or did he?

But I digress, I’m working on being better for my little one as I have the same issues my mother had. I’m working on the blog letting her know about good days and bad days. Today was a good day and I made a video for her to see when she is older. She will see how much she is truly loved.

The video link is just a sweet hello from mommy. So this is my test blog to see if it works.

Stay safe and healthy. Until next time!

Fourth of July weekend

Happy Independence day!
This week I have been off from the office and have worked in my garden instead. On this 4th of July, I have step outside my front door and see the two faun in the front yard feasting on the grasses. They are both laying on the grass and eating. Once I get outside and make a bit of noise, one of them gets up and is ready to run. The other one keeps on sitting there eating away. She is not scared of us at all. My husband and I drink our coffee and watch them eat, its a beautiful thing. At one point my daughter joins us and we all watch each other. It’s so cute to see these little creatures in their natural form.

The deer then must have gotten some energy and got up and started walking towards the berm of the yard and they both walked towards the street. My daughter got scared, she asked daddy to please get the deer away from the street and into the backyard. The cars drive way too fast on this street and we thing their mama was killed on this road. So, he got up and went to the street and got the deer back into the yard. They didn’t go to the back yard as we had hoped, instead,they went to the neighbor’s yard. That’s OK, at least they are not on the street. My daughter loves them so much and said “oh, thank God they are not on the street anymore.” Such a sweet soul she is.
For lunch we feasted on BBQ’d steak with salad on the side. Later in the day we installed our air conditioner in our bedroom. My bedroom/office is now ready for me to work on Monday morning without me sweating it up. I cleaned the window where the air conditioner is going to be placed. And let me tell you, this window is filthy. It still had the green pollen from the Spring. Once the inside was all clean, I realize that this type of window can be manipulated so I can also clean the outside. I figured out how to pull the darn thing apart and I get cleaning. This one is absolutely filthy and has cobwebs. Many paper towels and window cleaner were used on this one. Once all is clean, my husband places the air conditioner on the window and I tape all of the cracks so the bugs won’t come in. We then turn on the machine and instant cool! My husband finally slept comfortably. I on the other hand had to wear a long sleeve t-shirt as my pjs and put on a small blanket. But that’s ok, I’m used to being cold all the time. Having a blanket is actually soothing as it is a little heavy and it keeps me sleeping better.
In the evening we go and play pokemonGo. We play and play and play some more. We drove by East Hampton and were surprised at how many people were not on the road. Being the 4th of July we were thinking that there would be traffic, but no. No traffic at all. We enjoyed the scenery as we played the game. Then our friend Frank came and joined us and we all played the game. We avoided BBQs and all other parties as we are still weary of the corona virus. So we play and stay put as a family.

It’s Sunday and it is a relaxing, lazy morning.
Looking for morning motivations and saw this one that spoke to me.

I need to tell myself everyday to be proud of the person that I have become. I have gone through some tough times, and good times too, but the tough ones stay in my head longer and I tend to put myself down a lot. Being proud of the things that I have done, overcome and become are great accomplishments and I need to keep telling myself these things every single day.
Another one that spoke to me is the elimination diet.

I tend to worry about everything, that is my anxiety talking to me. One of the things that tend to keep me worried when I am out of the house is that my house is going to get broken into and all of my possessions are going to get taken from me. I tend to get very attached to my things. I work very hard to have what I have and get very upset when I no longer have them. I’m getting better at this but for a long time, I would not get rid of clothing because I had such great connections with them. Not a hoarder type. I would get rid of things that are ripped or broken. But, if the clothing simply did not fit, I would place them in a box and have them for later. Sick right? After my daughter was born and I almost passed away, I have made some changes. So I have gotten a little better with possessions. As for clothing, I have gotten the ones that no longer fit me and are in good condition, placed them in a bag and have given these to my niece. She is a gown beautiful girl and she will fit into the clothing that I have stowed away. The other clothing, I have placed them in another bag and give them to the church at Sts. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church. I feel better about donating as opposed to just throwing it out. As for other things, such as baby items, I have posted them on facebook to sell. But I am thinking of simply donating them to those in need. I will need to figure out how to do this as I am very skeptical. I don’t want to simply post something online and have someone get it and then sell it for themselves. I would rather give it to someone who needs it now. Yeah, I don’t trust people and my faith is a little off kilter. I’m trying really hard to change my ways and have more faith in people, but I’m not there yet. Maybe some more time will do.
In the afternoon, the family goes out and I stay home and study for my SCRUM test. I write and rewrite my notes. Studying hard.

Stay safe ad healthy. See you next week.

Working from home week #16

It’s Monday morning and today is my day off from work. Nevertheless, I have been up since 5AM and am on my knees helping out my husband. He and his sciatica are not friends, so there I am helping him put on his socks and shoes. I then have to go outside and clean up after the raccoon. It went into my garbage pail and left a mess. One of the garbage bags was open and all of the garbage was all over the place. The darn thing left everything all over the place, disgusting. Listen, raccoon, if you’re going to go into my things, leave it nice and neat, OK?! So I got out a pair of gloves, who know if it has rabies, and got to work. I picked up everything off the floor and swept all of the garbage back into the garbage can. How lucky for me, the garbage was filled with glitter from one of the projects that I did with my daughter over the weekend. Needless to say, everything was filled with glitter. I swept up as much as possible but the glitter will be there until the rains come and wash it all away. Once that is gone I get inside and empty out the dish washer. I’m trying my hardest not to make too much noise, so I won’t wake up the little one. I of course was noisy, but luckily she surprisingly, she slept right through it. I then get to work on my running. I push hard again today and run for a full 25 minutes. It’s not easy, but I get it done. I then do my daily situps and stretches.

I realize that I have plenty of time as after doing my workout to do whatever I want. Usually, right after my workout and shower I’m just on time to start my work day. But since I am off today, I have plenty of time to go outside and water my plants. Once they are nice and hydrated I come inside and take a nice cool shower and then do my feel goods on my notebook. “Today is the best version of me” is my first on the list. I then go to twitter and look for some more motivation quotes for my notebook such as: “Behind every strong, independent woman stands a little girl, who had to learn to stand up alone without depending on others.” This is so, when I am feeling down or just simply off, I can look back and get some pick-me ups.
Last Friday was my daughters last day of school and I just want to say that we are so very proud of her. She did all of her school work while at home and she is learning how to read, write and do math while at home. Grandma has been a big help with teaching her all of these things. She is a good learners and memorizes everything she can. She memorized all of her sight words and is now memorizing her addition and subtraction. I am a proud mama. Her personality is also fantastic. When she does something wrong she becomes very sorry for doing such a thing but when she does something right, we always praise her and tell her how fantastic she is and how proud we are of her. She absolutely love it and I love her to the moon and back again.
Let me tell you how silly I am; for today’s lunch I had what I thought were leftover meatballs and spaghetti. The meatballs looked a little off, as in, they seemed a little smaller than normal. Hmm, I thought, no worries, I’ll just put some extra on the plate. After they were all heated up, I took a bite and whatta you know; the meatballs are not meatballs but, little potatoes! So for lunch I had spaghetti and potatoes lol! They are both delicious in their own right so it wasn’t too bad. But I was looking forward to eating those meatballs with along with the spaghetti.
In the afternoon my little one and I played board games. But the one that stood out the most was UNO. We played that one for hours. She learned the concept of skipping a turn and kept on playing that card over and over again. She beat me plenty of times. She learns fast. Such a smart cookie!
At one point in the day my mother-in-law opened the front door as she wanted to clean the front stoop, and saw a gift bag just sitting there. This story is so sweet; my daughter’s teacher left her a little gift at the front door! She was so excited about the gift and that one of her favorite teachers brought it over for her. She was a little sad that she didn’t get to see and thank her teacher in person. The teacher didn’t ring the door bell or anything, just simply placed the gift bag on the stoop and left. I too wanted to thank her. My little one now wants to write her a thank you letter. I’m so delighted she did this, it put a great smile on my little one’s face. And that is all it takes to make me happy.
In the afternoon we decided to go out for a drive. But not before we noticed our two little deer friends eating the soft grass in the front yard. The little fawn were close to the driveway and we had to walk over to the edge of the front yard shoo them away towards the back. We don’t want them to be scared by our car and run onto the road and potentially get run over. The road tends to get very busy and people are a**holes. They drive way too fast on my road. While trying to shoo them away, one of the fawns is scared of humans and ran right away, the other, not so much. My husband said it was looking at him and moving its paw front to back like it might charge at him. He wasn’t scared and was able to get them moving to the backyard. In the backyard, we’ve left apples and leftover bread for them to feast on, hopefully they will eat them. After we knew they were safe, we were on our way out of the house. On our way into town, we noticed a new park. Well, new to us. We drove through a narrow path into a clearing, then noticed there was a walking path into the woods. We were thinking that it will most likely bring you into the Peconic River. But, we didn’t dare! The bugs were out! We could see them buzzing out the car windows. Plus, the grasses around the path are tall and we are very cautious of ticks at this time of year. So we watched the scenery for a bit then noticed a pretty deer in the distance feasting on the tall grasses. When we were back on the narrow path to leave the park, my husband stopped the car abruptly and said he would be right back. We were looking around to figure out why he did that. “What is he doing?” We all said out loud. He walked over the to the path and picked something up off the ground. There was a turtle on the path. It was right where the car wheel would pass. If he would’t have seen it, we would have run the poor thing over. He brought the turtle over to us so we could inspect it. We saw it, pet it and he put it back on the ground, but on the grass this time. We did not want anyone to run it over. It is very sweet to see wildlife around the island. We love to show our daughter that we can live harmoniously among the wildlife and still be able to be human.

It’s Tuesday and my husband did not wake me up this morning. Sure I heard the alarms on my phone. I turned them all off and I slept in until 10AM. It’s still a bit dark outside and it looks like it is going to rain, so all my sleepyhead feels like doing is sleeping in a little more. I had to convince myself to get out of bed and do something. The day is wasting away… “get out of bed!” I told myself. So, I did and I had my first morning’s coffee…mmmm delicious!
After my daughter woke up, we did unicorn surgery. My little one’s cute little plush ripped and the bag of beads inside it ripped as well. There were beads that needed to be placed back into its little baggie and the baggie needed to be placed back into the unicorn’s back. Then the back needed to be sown back together. I did surgery on my little one’s patient and my assistant did a great job assisting.
After the surgery and recovery time, we got to decorating the house for Summer. It’s a wired day do this as it is a little cooler and dark out but nevertheless, we get to it. I have a bowl on the kitchen table that has decorative balls, twirls and flowers in it and I wanted to change it from Spring flowers to Summer sea shells. I removed the flowers and washed the bowl, it was very dusty, and went to the basement and got the sea shells that I’ve picked up at various Long Island beaches. My little one and I placed all of the shells in the bowl and called it art. There are some shells in the mix that are long and have a spiral shape that she, of course, called it a unicorn horn, and of course, wanted to add it to her toy collection. And I said, “no way baby girl!” These are for decorative purposes only. Plus, they can get really sharp and rip her sensitive little skin. There is no way we are going to be going to the doctor nor the hospital at this point in time. There is more corona virus at the doctor’s office than in the grocery stores. No way jose! We must be safe and stray away from the virus. So we decorated with some more Summer and 4th of July items and then got to coloring. She has a new coloring book, of what else but unicorns. It’s the one that her teacher left on the front stoop yesterday. It’s actually a really cool book. Not only does it have the coloring pieces but it has activities as well. We are working on getting her to read more, and since she loves all things unicorns, she is reading the instructions on the pages and pronouncing words. Kicking and screaming for now, but we will get there. I don’t understand why she’s not into reading. I am always reading or writing around her. Either a reading a real paper book or reading on my electronic device. Grandma also reads in front of her and to her. And daddy is always reading something. It’s online, but reading nevertheless. I’m not understanding why she’s not into it. Hopefully it’s just a phase and she will enjoy reading just as much as I do.
It’s almost July, and we need to file our taxes and are not able to physically go to our CPA; corona virus and all. I called the office and asked what now?! Thank goodness, we can get them done via email. I’ve scanned everything that we have and emailed it over to our guy, Ken Higgins. If you’re looking for a CPA for personal or business reasons give him call 631.656.0480 or go to his website Let him know that I recommended him to you, I won’t get anything from it, just a smile and a thank you from the team. We have been using him and his company for many years and are very happy with the results. They are quick and very professional. Highly recommended.
It is thundering like crazy out there. And, here comes the rain! Of course on my day off is when it always rains. I’m usually good like that! Whenever I plan any type of vacation or time off, there is always rain. It’s funny, I remember one time that I visited Portugal, many years ago, they were having a drought in the town that my mom was born, Folhadosa, near Cuimbra. And guess what, when we were there visiting my mom’s family, it rained! They didn’t get as much as they needed to cover the drought, but enough to water the gardens for the day. I remember, this other time that I planned to go to Fire Island to Cupsogue Beach County Park with my friends. I had never been there before and was so exited. We planned to take that Friday off and all go to the beach for the day. And guess what? No Fire Island for us as it was pouring. We never made it there after that. We were all so disappointed that we just forgot about our outing and had a BBQ instead. In conclusion, someone else has to pick a date, I have the knack for picking rain dates.

It’s Wednesday, the 1st of July. We were visited by that raccoon again and the garbage is all over the place once again. After helping my husbands with his socks and shoes, I had to get outside and clean up the mess the raccoon left overnight for us. After the cleanup I changed from my t-shirt pjs to my t-shirt workout clothes. They are one in the same. Instead of having two shirts to wash, there will be only one. Conserve and save!! I did my workout and ran for my 25 minutes and walked the rest of the hour that I was on the treadmill. I did a whole 3 miles today in total. I remember, I used to do a 5k, 3.1 miles, in under 25 minutes. But that was back in my college years. After my workout, I decided to get out into the yard and put down tick repelant on the grass. We have deer and other critters in our yard and it is filled with bugs, especially ticks. While doing yard work, I am listening to Girl, Don’t Apologizing by Rachel Hollis on my Overdrive app. I really like Rachel Hollis, she gives me good advise and her voice soothes me. I listed to her on youtube all the time as well. Usually as I am writing my blog or doing my daily work, I am listening to something. It’s usually Rachel.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

But I digress. While I was outside, I noticed that I have pretty flowers that I can decorate with. I picked clematis, day lilies and hydrangeas. These were placed in an old pair of rain boots that my daughter has grown out of. I’ve been eyeing them to decorate the front stoop for a long time. Today was the day, I’ve finally used them to decorate. Check them out.

After all of this work and decorating; coffee!
After my coffee I take a nice warm shower get dressed and blog. My daughter gets up and wants breakfast. After breakfast, we write a letter to her teacher who dropped off her gift on Monday. She writes a nice thank you note and then she shows it to Grandma. Grandma is very proud of her letter to her teacher.
In the early afternoon my mother-in-law and I get outside to the vegetable garden and clean out all of the weeds. While we were both puling weeds, I was constantly sniffling as I was having some sort of terrible allergic reaction to something. My left eye is all red, everything is blurry and my nose is dripping. I constantly have to blow my nose. As we are pulling weeds, we notice a bunch of fat wholes on the ground and I am hoping that it’s not snake wholes. They are most likely voles, moles or field mice. I am glad that I did not see any of these critters. We did however, see one of the baby deer feasting on my plants in the front yard. My daughter and I were staring at it for a little while and it did not pay us any mind. It just kept on eating away. So we kept on looking at her and then she got scared of something and ran off. We went back to the vegetable garden and kept on working on those weeds. At one point, my little one was tired of being outside and wanted to come back into the house. I stopped pulling weeds and was about to go inside with her when she found a puddle of water. She called it a “muddy puddle” and started to jump in the water with her garden boots. This worked out well. The boots needed cleaning and the water puddle did just that. Shortly after Grandma was also done with the vegetable garden and started making her way back into the house. She cleaned her boots and my little one’s boots and I opened up the garage to get out the weed wacker. They went inside and showered and I was clearing out the weeds in the back yard and then the front and took care of those weeds. I was at this for a few hours and now my arms are tired am ready to call it a working day.
I get in, take a shower, wash all of the dirt away. Weed wacking got me all filled with dirt everywhere. I get dressed and am inspired to write. My little one is watching TV, my mother-in-law is working on dinner and I am in my bedroom/office writing away. My daughter is clearly bored as she comes over to my bedroom/office and places her pink snake on the bedroom floor. Now, I am petrified of snakes. I don’t know why, but I have this terrible phobia of them. So, even the darn toy being pink and “cute” it still creeps me out. So I freak out and start to yell for her to get her rotten toy out of the bedroom floor. I have to beg her please to remove it. She throws a plushy toy at me, laughs and then removes that nightmare of the toy off the floor. Oh my God, just writing the word, snake, gives me the creeps! The little one is now being entertained by Grandma and has decided to not be a “jokester,” as she calls herself, and lets me be write without throwing the toy snake at me.
Let me tell you the story of how we got such toy. It’s a quick one, I promise. We are at Chuck E. Cheese’s and she is playing games with daddy. Daddy and daughter win a lot of tickets. They go to the ticket station to pick out a toy and my little darling saw a pink toy and thought it would be the perfect one. So daddy and daughter come back to the table where Grandma and I are sitting waiting for them. She decides to sit to me, how sweet right?! Then unzips her hoodie and there it is, right on her chest, a pink cobra with its twisted tongue sticking out. I don’t know how I didn’t scream like crazy or fainted. It must have been a brave day of mine. Anyway, I started yelling at my husband, asking him why in the world he would pick something like that for her. As he and my mother-in-law are rolling on the floor laughing at me, he tells me that it was all her idea. She wanted to prank mommy! If it wasn’t me, I’d also think that its pretty funny. But since its me, I rolled my eyes and had to pretend that it didn’t bother me so much. Oh, but it bothers me lol. Now we have a rotten cobra in the house that spooks me every time I see it. Oh also, there are mini cobras that she got from another location Safary Adventures, I think, that she likes to place in random locations for me to find. At one time she left the little cobra on top of my bed…It took me about an hour to get the courage to get it out of the bed and into her toy basket. My little jokester! Gotta love her.
And the jokes keep coming tonight! I was wearing my contacts today to do the yard work. I don’t wear them often, since every time I wear them, I get some sort of allergic reaction. It’s wired, because it’s always on my left eye. Anyways, when I was out pulling weeds and weed wacking my left eye kept on getting blurry and tearing up, but I kept on pushing to get the job finished. After my shower, my husband had just gotten home and asked why was my eye so swollen and all red. I didn’t realize how bad it was. So I took off my contacts and my nice husband helped me to put medicine in the eyeball and got some gauze and medical tape over my eye. And then, what else but an eyepatch to keep it all in place. I looked really attractive with that eye patch on. With one eye patched and the other without my glasses my vision was crazy blurry and I was walking a little side-wards. Not drunk sidewards, but vertigo-ish sideways. At this time, my daughter wasn’t done with me! Oh no, now she put the rotten pink cobra on the bed. I asked her politely to please remove it. We had dinner and then I went back to the bedroom to collect my water bottle and the thing was gone. Yay, I thought, she did as she was asked. So I called her over and told her “thank you very much my love for removing the cobra from mommy’s bed.” And I reinforced to her of how scared I am of that kind of animal. She said, “but mommy, I want to prank you. It’s a lot of fun.” I told her that she sure did prank me and it was funny and all but now it was all over and we can go about our day. So she says “ok mommy” and starts to giggle. Uh oh, giggling is not a good sign! What are you giggling about, I thought. Then I ask her if she can go on top of the bed and give me the decorative pillows. At that one she complied, she loves to mess up my bed. So she threw the pillow around and removed all from the bed. Then I asked her to pick up my sleeping pillows and what do you know, the rotten cobra was underneath my SLEEPING PILLOWS! Right on top of my PJ’s. Now I’m angry. I know its only a toy but darn it, enough is enough. So I yell for her to get it out of there. Then I see my husband in the kitchen and I smack his bottom. I knew it was him that put her up to that. I know how she pranks, and the pranks are always right where I can see them. He, on the other hand is a sneaky brat and is the one who hides things for me to find and scare the bejesus out of me. So picture me, with a pirate eyepatch yelling at everyone because of a rubber snake. What a scene lol.

It’s Thursday and my husband woke me up early like I asked him to. I then help him with his footwear and wave goodbye and for him to have a nice day at work. Which he grumbles back, yeah ok! He never has nice days at work. They are always tough long, hot days, usually filled with yelling. It must be very stressful. So then instead of going to the treadmill like I had told myself. I get on my laptop, and then I do a bad thing…I check my work email. I have just under 400 email messages that I need to look through. So I looked through them all. I see that I have plenty of word to do on Monday when I am back at the “office.” Now, I am going to try and convince myself to get to the treadmill.
So I was able to convince myself to go. I only walked, but I walked uphill, for a little more than an hour. And watched a couple of episodes of How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix.
In the afternoon, I took some time off, really off. I sat outside on a chair and put my feet up on another chair and lounged for about an hour or so catching some much needed vitamin D.

It’s Friday the 3rd of July and everyone is home today. The office is closed, there is no school and my husband is also home today. He made us a loaf of bread and coffee. By the time I woke up, the bread was ready to eat and the coffee was ready to drink. Yay, for the hubby. I had myself a cup of coffee and a warm slice of bread with butter. We talked a little bit then when on our separate ways. He went to the couch to watch The Flash on Netflix and I went to the basement and got on the treadmill.
I wanted to watch my show as I ran, but since we only have one account on Netflix. I had to figure something else out. So I remember that I have Amazon Prime now. So I looked into that and watched The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel instead. So on the treadmill I ran and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. Basically my regular 25 minutes and then walked the rest of the time. After a while we had lunch. Everyone for themselves, there are plenty of leftovers and we all took whatever we pleased. Myself, I had a sandwich with nutella and banana along with a cup of milk. I used to have this as a snack when I was a kid. I haven’t had it for a long time and I reminisced a little bit during lunch.
In the evening we go pokemoning. It was pouring outside and we played away until 10PM. If that is not determination, I don’t know what is. The game goes up to level 40 and I am almost there. In the car we sing to Sunday Best by Surfaces. This song has become our favorites to sing together in the car, “Feeling good, like I should.”

Stay safe and healthy. Until next week!

Happy 11 years together

Today is our 11 year anniversary. We have been together since 2002 and it has been bliss ever since. Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs. But which couple hasn’t?
We met through mutual friends and at first I thought he didn’t like me. I think that feeling was mutual at the time. Little did we know.
We eventually knew we liked each other and were meant to be. After all, our birthdays are one day apart. And they are both right after Christmas and we both understood that all of our family and friends would give us one gift for both occasions. We both understand the feeling. Also, everyone is tired from their Christmas activities and don’t really want to come out and hang out for our birthdays. Except for our mom’s. They are always up for it 🙂 Anyway, we understood each other and become instant friends. We then grew to love each other and eventually marry.

Our wedding day was an exceptional day filled with love. Our family and friends were all part of it and we loved the hell out of it. Our family was there every step of the way. Except for my parents, they weren’t too fond of me leaving the nest. But what can you do…when you find love, you have to go for it.

We went to the park and took lots of pictures. Some of our family and friends came along too.

Our reception was right on the docs at Sunset Horbour and it was a beautiful afternoon with a beautiful sunset. A fantastic reception, lots of fun and drinks and delicious food too.

I hope everyone who came had a good time. And had as much fun as we did.

Stay safe and healthy!